13 films with complex plot and unpredictable ending

The site publishes a selection of films is full of unexpected and confusing turn of events, unexpected scenario moves and Surprise endings that can not predugadat.1. Wild Things / Bad Things / Wild ThingsIstoriya a complex plot that is intriguing at every step. Here, you will lose the account details with unexpected turns thoughtful moves. The film begins as the story of a high school and her girlfriend (Neve Campbell and Denise Richards), who accused his teacher (Matt Dillon) of rape. Ulterior motives of characters promise mountain surprises.

2. Disappearance / The VanishingDzheff (Kiefer Sutherland) has traveled with his girlfriend Diane (Sandra Bullock), which came out of the car to go into a roadside shop, but never returned. The main character tries unsuccessfully to find her, but can not figure out what happened to his companion. In the end, the kidnapper (Jeff Bridges) reports that tell you what happened to Diana, if Jeff would do the same thing she did. Not if he awaits the same fate as the girl, he learns the truth and whether to stay alive?

3. Shutter Island / Shutter IslandLeonardo DiCaprio beautifully played Teddy Daniels, the US Marshal who arrives in a psychiatric hospital for criminals Shutter Island to investigate the disappearance of one of the patients. As a result of a heavy storm, he is stuck on the island, which seems to be happening more and more strange. Martin Scorsese took a tense puzzle that unravels the mystery of a terrible tragedy.

4. Seven Pounds / Seven PoundsBespechnost Tim Thomas (Will Smith) leads to the death of seven people, including his bride. To atone for his sins, he vows to help the same number of people find happiness and joy in life. But his plan is much more tragic than it might seem at first glance. So Will Smith, we have not seen. The film, which will force you to pour tears bowl of popcorn.

5. Secret Window / Secret WindowDzhonni Depp in the film adaptation of the novel by Stephen King - this is a promising start. The writer Mort Rainey is faced with a dangerous stranger (John Turturro) who accuses him of plagiarism and is determined to take revenge. The lawsuit to clarify the true authorship develops into a series of crimes. But again, not justified even the most sinister suggestions of viewers, since it's much trickier.

6. Robot and Frank / Robot & FrankByvshy thief in his declining years (Frank Langella) lives alone in his country house. Son, worried about the health of his father, brings him a helper robot, causing an uproar than Frank. Further interesting to watch the curious relationship developing between the protagonist and "unfeeling piece of art." Suddenly spiritual cinema.

7. Flightplan / Flight PlanPosle death of her husband Kyle Pratt (Jodie Foster) flew from Berlin to New York, along with a six-year daughter. On the plane she fell asleep for a few hours, and awoke to find that the girl was gone with things and boarding pass. Kylie can not even prove that her daughter was with her on the plane. She nobody believes all believe that she was mad because her husband's death.

8. Primal Fear / Primal FearV this film took a brilliant actor's debut, Edward Norton, which brought him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He appeared a young man, who suffers from a split personality and gets under the charge of murdering a respected bishop. A key figure thriller - the hero of Richard Gere, the celebrated lawyer who plans to win the case at any cost. The finale is incredible.

9. Other / The OthersKlassichesky story about ghosts home beaten with the unusual side. Nicole Kidman beautifully reincarnated into the image of a military widow who lives in a remote mansion with her two children suffering from sensitivity to direct sunlight. In the mansion there are three servants, and occasionally heard a strange noise, as if issuing someone's presence. At the end should be a stunning denouement, after which some time you listen to the sounds in your house.

10. Oldboy / OldboyKultovy psychological detective South Korean filmmaker Chan-wook Park's. Actor Choi Min-sik has played the main character, an ordinary businessman who was kidnapped by unknown and kept locked up for fifteen years. All the years of captivity, he speculated, but could not figure out who it holds, and for what reason.

Also puzzling scene in the film is impressive scene in which the hero wielding a hammer against a crowd of the "bad guys" in the corridor, as well as eating a live octopus.

11. Mist / The MistFantastichesky film is based on the novel by Stephen King. However, the ending is different from the original story, but the king of horror, looking, endorsed and said that this is implied in the final book. The plot is built on the unnatural natural phenomena. City begins to dim strange thick fog which covered something dreadful unknown origin.

It will be difficult to forget the ending.

12. Identification / IdentitySozdateli this thriller is said to have taken as a basis for an Agatha Christie novel "10 Little Indians". The action takes place against the backdrop of the raging rainstorm. Ten stranger by chance while staying in an isolated roadside hotel. Guests begin to die one by one, it is obvious that the killer among them, but how is it calculated? It is a story not just about the wickedness, it is much more meaningful and unexpected.

13. The point of I / Dot The IKino, which at first resembles a romantic drama, is growing rapidly in a detective, and finally evolved into a bloody thriller. Natalia Verbeke played a young woman who is going to marry. On the custom bachelorette party at the restaurant she gives a last kiss a stranger named Keith (Gael Garcia Bernal) and then forms the classic "love triangle." But in the final again collapsing all the assumptions of the audience.

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