An unusual way of education or "Childhood Businessmen"

Not all business people indulge their children expensive gifts, and nothing they do not deny someone brings them so that they themselves could achieve something in this life. These include parents and the father of these children, who have organized a small business and has already earned him his first save.

Next, the text author:

In the photo - my ideal snow-white Land Cruiser. And my perfectly laid golden anthracite rubble. And bags of garbage - it is a business and only my sons so they can be close to the machine and rubble.
If you are going to pass by and see my village two boys 7 and 9 years old, who were digging in the garbage - it's mine. They still dog the size of a wallet - not for protection, and for the company. So the three of them every weekend, and dragged through the bins - collect bottles. The village has perfect purity, and children are now looking for garbage around the neighborhood. Then the banks found the bottle right on my ideal clean rubble from the label pressed and sorted: black-white bottle bags, and blue - colored. After we load the bags with the garbage in my car. On Monday morning the eldest son riding with a driver, takes the bottle for processing and receives money.

Money is divided into 40 × 60 - Senior gets more because he no longer collects one is going to pass, he found on the Internet address where the bottles take himself called, he has agreed to a higher price due to the fact that they have these bottles advance themselves sorted.
Children do not spend money and hoarding. The eldest son gave me their savings by 24 per cent per annum. When the euro was racing, he decided to diversify savings and said that I bought him 200 euros and put it in the bank. Now, 200 euros in his contribution, and about 30 thousand under my interest - his 600 rubles income son already has a stable. In addition, it works on my stock hardware. A month ago, I have decided that this is not enough - because there was the business with the delivery of the bottles. Junior long walks in the garden and he had no time to work in the warehouse, so that he has only one source of income - the bottle.

The idea of ​​a good bottle of the fact that, firstly, it is not that they bought something, drank a bottle and have accumulated in my room. No, they took the bags and collected garbage in the village. Secondly, the money earned is not on my father's company - it is much more valuable and more respect. It is not just within the family money from the pocket to go, but real real money raised from the market.
The income from this venture - 100 300 rubles per bottle. Schooling children to work, instilling the value of money, education autonomy and independence, as usual - is priceless. So that in the struggle between the love of the car and beat pedagogy pedagogy.


I do not know whether to agree with the author of these lines or not. Most likely this is the case when a man rushes "from one extreme" and may want to look for a middle ground between such a business plan and indulging in useless children.


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