Grey Worldwide Moscow hav maid Severan rediospots. "Without foreign languages ​​is now nowhere"

Moscow, April 13, 2007 - Advertising agency Grey Worldwide Moscow has developed a series of radio spots for the linguistic center «Sunflower», united by the idea "Without foreign languages ​​is now nowhere." The series consists of 3 radiospota: "Doctors," "nerds" and "a manager" .Oleg Lapshin, creative director of the agency Grey Worldwide Moscow: «We are very grateful to the client, who did not want to go through a simple transfer of information, and, mindful of the fact that it is one of the most "creative" categories in the world, "proeppruvil" rather unusual idea.

As emphasized in the agency website, it is useful to mention that all the agency has taken this project to heart. And even individual employees participated in the scoring (though there are many, and professional speakers) ».


"Managers» (700KB, MP3)

«IT-Schnick» (599KB, MP3)

"Doctors» (769KB, MP3)

Creative Group:
Author of the idea - Oleg Lapshin
Creative director - Oleg Lapshin
Copywriter (and one of the ideologists of the project) - Anna Lukyanova
Producer - Julie Savelyev

Productions - "BUSINESS-SL»
Producer - Marina Tokarev
Sound - Alexey Kuleshov

via files / Vrachi.mp3


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