Bank clerks will go over the heads for their customers

The world-famous director Garth Davis and featuring production company Anonymous Content removed surprisingly lightweight and lightweight 60-second spot for the bank Halifax. Roller announces the introduction of premium payments to the bank in the current account of £ 5.

Throughout the roller bank employees come running from all corners of the city to build a "live" the ladder by which the bank employees raised to its customers in the second, third floor, and even higher in order to personally give them £ 5.

The climax of the movie is when the bank Halifax dedicated staff trying to get to the next customer through a large crowd of their bodies build the road on which the fearless manager of the bank runs high above the heads of all those present.

The director managed to make it so that the Herculean efforts of the people who build such monumental structure of their bodies, look with ease. It symbolizes the indomitable devotion bank Halifax interests of their clients.

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Download movie or watch the creative team.

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