Hard choir from Puma

Advertisers are already starting to celebrate Valentine's Day, officially recognized the Day of all lovers. Puma has launched a brutal campaign and touching greeting Love = Football. In the life of the fan, there are two great love - for the game and for a woman. They can be safely combined, in turn, paying due attention to one another. But what if Valentine's Day, when the beloved woman wants to be in your arms, falls on the day of the game, cheer for that dream to you?
Puma offers a course to go to the game, but as a sign of affection to send your favorite virtual musical postcard on which a team of serious guys that have hit the sweet urine wails soloist former band Savage Garden «Truly Madly Deeply».
"Recognition» c symbolic name "Hard Choir» / «Hardchorus» can be sent to the website of the campaign via email or directly on Facebook. The campaign is accompanied by the slogan: "Let your significant other know how you feel."

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  • February 9, 2010
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