Stories of brilliant pictures

Photos that are more colorful than any words depicting the characters age, events, society and humanity in all its daily fall mnogoobrazii.Tysyachi images in the media, but few of them are able to go through many years without losing its values, destroying the strongest chain of human indifference. < br />
Most often attract attention, leaving a trace in the memory, the terrible and shocking footage of war, terrorist acts, epidemic foci and from socially disadvantaged areas. However, there are works that creeps into the soul of his eloquent 'simplicity' knocked out of the total composition, detail or an unusual history snapshot.

The site has collected in this material are one of the most exciting photos. Some of them are terrifying, some command respect, and some fill the heart with warmth.

Wait for me, papa

Before the eyes of Claude Dettloffa personal tragedy played out a small child when he took photographs of the march Shelf British Columbia October 1, 1940. The picture shows the five-Claude Warren Whitey Bernard runs from his mother to his father, an ordinary Jack Bernard, with a cry of "Wait for me, Dad." Moments captured in the photo, so piercingly talks about the pain children experience when parting with their fathers, which later became widely known picture: was published in the «Life» and hung in every school of British Columbia during the war. And Claude, imbued with affection for his father's son, watched the separation of the family, and took her reunion after returning from the war, Jack.

Sunny kray

Steve Makarri has an amazing ability to take pictures that tell the whole story of his characters. In the picture the photographer Afghanistan destroyed by war, and the guy's face and eyes that can say more than any words. Bright color fruits on a background of bleak gray scale gives some hope, making reassuring picture.

Risking zhiznyu

The picture of the legendary Sam Abel. Nezateylevy, at first glance, it almost cost the life of the photographer. The history of the author: "In 1986, I once again came to the USSR on a business trip. At this time I lived in the hotel "National" with stunning views of the Manezh Square and Moscow Kremlin. One boring evening after working filming, I was sitting in my room and thought, what would keep him occupied. He took the camera and started taking pictures of the view from the window. The result was a kind of travel card - something clearly not enough. And then I remembered the pear brought with him (perestroika in the USSR in the fruit was a special deficit), and thought that they would be able to relieve the situation.

I began to lay them on the windowsill when he noticed that on the pavement in the direction of the government's moves Manezh Square Gorbachev motorcade consisting of three cars: ZIL representative and escort vehicles. I have brought him the lens, glad that I get an unusual picture. But the Security Service Mikhail Sergeyevich did not like it. In a matter of seconds (I have not yet had time to understand anything), a shot rang out. Almost silent. In fear, I recoiled. Realizing that these people be trifled with, I decided to no longer put out the window and sat quietly until the motorcade did not escape. Still life from under the sill with one of the pears labeled shot - that's all that's left in my memory from this story ».

The amazing picture was bought by the magazine National Geographic for a record high sum - 220 000 USD.

Battle for Saygon

A shot taken during the Vietnam War, the author of the image the military press photographer - Philip Jones Griffiths. Soldier Vietnamese army waiting for help to carry the wounded girl to a safer place.

In those years, the agency Magnum, which employed photographer, faced with the difficulty of selling images Griffiths. Too bright were reflected in them the suffering of civilians and cruelty to him the American soldiers. This forced Philip to publish a book «Vietnam Inc» in 1971, which included many works, not published at the time. The book is heavily influenced by the perception of the American Vietnam War.

American mechta

Snapshot eight girls, taken on the Mexican garbage dump, glorified photographer Janet Jarman. In August 1996, Janet went on an exploratory trip to Mexico. Local activists have led it to the city dump in Matamoros, located along the US-Mexican border. Among the smoke, fire and sewage Janet noticed the girl, who was only 8 years old. Marisol and her family searched among the debris recycled items for sale in the processing. She dreamed of moving to America. "Let a woman take your picture - said her mother. - One day she could become famous. " These words proved prophetic for Jarman, and life Marisol was the main topic of her more than 15 years.

"Gold" captured

The only thing that interferes with Marcus Blisdeylu be fully satisfied with life - a nightmare. He ran in the Congo for over seven years, photographing anything remotely akin to life, and he knows that about 1250 people die there every day catches. It is not easy to come back from the Congo, and live the same life.

The photo Markus workers, which is held in customs warehouses. They are forced to dig for gold in the mountain quarries Mongbwalu. People work their whole families. Gold mining is carried out in order to finance military campaigns.

On dne

In America, the name of the Goron Parks became a symbol of the victory of man over the circumstances. Parks - the first black photographer who shot to Life and Vouge, the first African-American filmmaker in the 'white' Hollywood.

Parks and many have successfully worked on the subject of racial discrimination in America, taking life and war youth gangs in Harlem. On one of his shots photographer captured Fontenelli Bessie and her four children in the Department of Social Welfare. Woman, concern for children, and weighed down by poverty, faced with the typical "white" clerk. The photographer managed to capture the very moment when the faces of the heroes burn more eloquent than any words, and detachment from the problems of socially vulnerable layers of fine handed back "Arbiter" to the camera.

Walk chertu

Photo taken by Alex Webb, tells what sometimes encounter people on the US-Mexico border. We do not know how to finish this story, but the bright colors, hanging clouds and a helicopter in the background takes us to some fantastic country, softening the drama of the situation.

Irreparable loss

This photo was published in all the media of the world, made by Chris Hondros. He was part of an army unit in Tal Afar, when one of the soldiers at the checkpoint had killed their parents the girls spattered with blood. Hondros was withdrawn from the division after the shot hit the media.

Photojournalist career ended tragically. He was mortally wounded in Misrata, Libya, soon after managed to remove violent skirmishes the rebels and government troops at close range.

The refugees at a camp in Efiopii

This picture was taken by Sebastian Salgado in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. People of apparel, the distance at which they are separated from each other, represent a feeling of chaos in their lives. A child in the foreground, whose gaze is directed downwards, a mother who does not look at her husband - create perfect symmetry. A landscape and man, leaving the opposite side, reflect the feelings of fear and the conditions in which they live.


Travel photographer Michael Yamashita was not in vain spent time in New Jersey. So, what would be passed by the inexperienced spectator, stopped the photographer. As a result, unsuspecting police officers were the subject of public view for many years. Humor of the situation is that the harsh police in this composition and perspective, looks quite severely. Photo brothers, not only in arms, but in the blood, has attracted a lot of attention and still causes a smile.

Recent shagi

Photo taken by Josef Koudelka in 1963, tells the story of a man who has just been convicted of murder and lead to the execution. The figure of the accused is in the center of the frame at a slight angle, as if implying that soon his lifeless body falls to the ground. It is noteworthy that the area, captured in pictures all izezzhena trucks, on a track that is laid out on the road to his own death is a man.

Simply Rose

Portrait of an elderly woman making Sam Abel, is an inexplicable magic power. Despite the simplicity of the setting, this is the case when a "simple" does not seem to understand.

In the struggle for zhizn

In the picture of famine victims in Sudan. One of the most powerful works of photographer James Nahtveya. Nachtwey has worked in many hot spots of the world and witnessed the most terrible humanitarian disasters, epidemics and wars that confirm his photographs. The author is not intended vain to shake the audience, causing the empty of emotion. According to him, James is important to capture events that should never be forgotten or repeated again.

In Grenada

Photographer Alex Webb is widely known that does not spend time seeking out spectacular parties. He tries to take the person in the context of the environment, considering that the figure and the color can sometimes better reflect the meaning. The famous picture of Alex Webb, made in poluzatemnennom bar, using the color conveys the mood of the game and features of island culture. Crisp silhouettes against the bright colors reflect the kind of fortitude heroes despite the fatality and the daily struggle.

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