44 horror stories of Russian grammar


Russian language is not as difficult as it seems.

Website offers to read the rules, in which the most common mistakes dismantled so that then it will be wrong is simply shameful.

The subject, it does not need to be clarified pronoun. Remember that in most cases a bunch of "about" can be deleted. Some people have forgotten rule matching the main parts of the sentence. Possessive pronouns must be able to competently use, depending on their function. Be more or less specific. If you want to use the verb, then it must be properly conjugate, and not as the author of want. Do not try not to avoid double negatives. Those who finishes the sentence pretext to send. Not brutality's sake, but the order to. Never give out words in capital letters. If, in short, do you want the type to listen to you, as it were, the weeds are not particularly used here. Waste analogy in the text - like coat, tucked into pants. The passive voice should be normally avoid. Do not forget the letter "e", otherwise it is difficult to distinguish between deaths and deaths, the sky and the sky, a donkey and a donkey, perfect and perfect, anything and everything. The word 'no' do not have forms of change. Soft sign in uncertain form of the verb must be located in place that sometimes zabyvaetsya. Often people nirazu correctly ninapishet "no" and "no" to the verbs and adverbs. Poor knowing grammar, complex structures need to be used with caution. We note that to change the person on whose behalf the statement of the author of this article does not recommend. By using the sacrament momentum must not forget about punctuation. li > Do not use commas, where they are not needed. introductory design course highlight commas. While some words of, literally, very similar to the opening, just never give out a comma. Put the right dashes dash is long, including spaces and hyphens little - a little shorter, with no gaps. Check the text of missed and unnecessary words in the text. The rule states that "indirect speech in quotation marks are not taken». The answer is negative to the question of whether to put a question mark in a sentence with an interrogative indirect speech? < No narcissistic Bank, its President and Chairman of the Board of Directors are not written with a capital letter. Praviryayte dictionary napesanie words. Vail numerals can be one hundred and twenty five ways, but only one is correct. the week do not divide or connect different mother, and some that write with a hyphen. Restraint presentation - always absolutely the best way to feed exciting ideas. < Exaggeration is a million times worse than understatement. Do not use long words where you can apply neprodolzhitelnozvuchaschie. As Emerson taught: "Do not quote. Report own thoughts ». It is our deep conviction, we believe that the author, when he wrote the text certainly does not have to acquire the bad habit is the fact that the use of too many unnecessary words that are actually quite are not necessary in order to express his thought. and offshore the office Crystal-clear about where written twin consonants, and where they are justified not twin. removed and expelled from the speech tautology - excessive luxuries. consciously resist the temptation to keep the harmony. Hanizyvanie nouns to each other leads to difficulty understanding the method of solution of the equation. Updates in brackets (at least and substantial) are (usually) unnecessary. If you want to be understood, never use foreign language. The use of terms, the values ​​of which you do not quite understand, can lead to an affected insinuations Your address. Use nerusifitsirovannogo font leads to íåïðåäñêàçóåìûì ïîñëåäñòâèÿì. For the sake of representativeness be creative promoter native-Russian synonyms for top ranking position preferences. See also:

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