Swimming pool in an abandoned subway station

Candidate for mayor of Paris An original reconstruction projects metro.Zabroshennye area is very romantic, but more often it's just a structure, which gradually destroyed, bringing the city damages. A new candidate for the post of mayor of Paris Nathalie Koziuscot-Morizet thought on this issue and decided that the empty subway station, you can use a more rational way. So now in its election program has very original designs to change the abandoned stations. By the way, these projects it has developed itself with the help of two architects.

Website believes that urban management can be creative and wants each town such indifferent chief.


Just imagine the people who sail along the platform!

Night klub1f04a05d81.jpg

On the rails is convenient to make the dance floor, and put the tables platfoma. The mysterious atmosphere of the subway - any night club would envy.


I think it looks good.


In the subway excellent acoustics.

Art gallery


Contemporary art likes to "settle" in such places.


So today looks station which was the basis of these models. It was built in 1906 and closed in 1936. Today, RATP - operators serving the Paris metro line, using it as a dump or landfill to test equipment.


Sometimes these objects are used in the film industry. For example, the station St. Martin took part shooting of the film "Prometheus" by Ridley Scott.


And at the station Porte des Lilas in 2007 it was an exhibition, and now here sometimes shoot commercials. Currently in Paris, has eight stations, which can be transformed, so that the ideas may well come true.

Sources: nkmparis, 20minutes

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