Why do foreigners do not understand Russian

Because they teach Russian language uchebnikam.Neudivitelno very strange that after studying these books foreigners believe Russian eccentrics from another planet.

Website offers a look through some textbooks and phrasebooks for foreigners to learn about yourself a lot.

usual holiday a simple Russian woman.

So it is necessary to interview!

"They live vrazzhopitsu" - sounds almost gracefully.

Indeed, unfortunately.

Here and talked.

Small household sketches.

If you have three tiger grandmother may disappear.

"Y - as if you kicked in the stomach┬╗.

And now you - Boris, but you have amnesia. Questions to the author of a textbook?

A very important question of the Russian-Chinese phrasebook.

But this is clearly useful.

German textbook knows Russian reality.

"It sucks, right?┬╗

Without the mat in Russia will not survive.

Only the poor Albanians speak Albanian. It seems.

A selection of facts and illustrations against formal logic.

The fascinating story of the Western and Eastern religious textbook Blinske of 1976.

Loves whether cultural Comrade Borodin smoking in the bus?

And the apotheosis - a song about concrete.

Dialogue silly little hamster and large intelligent doctor.

Review attractions.

In this family, the dog is clearly smarter than everyone else.

Because for the study of the Russian language need a clear mind and a strong head.

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