Fasting for those who have a dog

Dogs - cute and clever creation. They are ready to help at any time and cheer up when we are sad. But anyone who keeps a dog, you know, sometimes they become unbearable, but we still continue to love them.

Even when they put us in an awkward polozhenie

I jumped on my mother and pulled her pants and underwear ... ... in front of the neighbors. Remy

When properly performed komandy

You said, "run, frolicĀ»

As much nakosyachat

Unless you went upstairs, I want to say that I love you

I thought you would never, never come back ... and panicked

When do what you tell them zapreschaesh

As if it could stop me!

Imagine airbag exploded! I'm still in shock

Even when we are forced to do stupid veschi

Let me in, so I could go again

We love, because they are bad aktery

I embrace you, because much love. By the way, there is someone chewed your new shoes, but now is not about that. You are so cool!

Love, even if they are doing something that you do not prosil

I killed this sofa for you. You're welcome!

Mom, I checked the mail. Sent your cum !!! I'm so proud of you !!! I love Kirby

And when they eat what they nepolozheno

Ice cream? No, not heard

No, I do not remember, I looked like the villain

And even when they lie brazenly, looking you in the litso

I guess we will never know who did it

And they always take care of nas

Do not worry, it was not worth your little finger, baby!

Protect means to protect! No exceptions

I told the nurse that do not need: I did an excellent job

Photo Sources: distractify and dogshaming

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