8 reasons to travel alone

Just you and all white svet.Kogda it comes to traveling to another city or country, the last thing that comes to mind - a journey alone. Vacationing in the company of someone else seems to be much more fun and interesting, even if it's just friends or fellow travelers. However, in individual travel has its advantages.

1. You do not need to compromise.

Traveling alone, you do not need to be torn between his desires and wishes for travel. Go through the best show? Spend the night in the pub? Choose what you do and to taste! Wake up and go for a walk, when you want, just go to the places that interest you, not adjusting to the other people.

2. You do not need anyone zhdat.U each person the pace of life, one can get up in the morning and freshen up in 10 minutes, while others would require a couple of hours. Someone who likes to come to the airport early, and someone is a pity to waste time when you could have time to visit a couple of museums. Traveling alone with yourself, you will not have to wait for travel or nervous and in a hurry. You will be able to exist in its own rhythm.

3. You can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of what is happening. When you travel in the company, you do not see half of interesting, because part of your attention is absorbed in conversation. Alone you are completely dissolved in a new place, you hear and see everything. Because of this it is much more vivid memories of the places you've visited.

4. You can sort out their myslyah.Inogda from the constant bustle so tired that I just need to be alone, to understand yourself. Weekly meditation, focusing on the environment, unfamiliar terrain and beautiful views will refresh the perception and "reset" the brain.

5. It will be easier to meet new people. Staying in a hotel or hostel, sitting in a cafe with a cup of tea or a walk in the park, you are sure to be surrounded by many people. And since you are traveling alone, you will be more open to them. Especially for those who did not, and just went to independent travel.

6. Traveling alone allows you to live spontaneously. Change of bus schedules, canceled flights, lost hotel reservations - and your plan is not so strict. The most vivid impressions are at the traveler is in the moments when something goes wrong. So do not worry - perhaps to return you will be thankful for the canceled flight and booking missing.

7. You will become bolder and samostoyatelnee.Puteshestvuya in the company, you can always count on each other. Traveling alone, only you are responsible for everything. You will learn how to plan and be responsible for the consequences of their actions: to find a hotel on the wrong date or lost, this will blame themselves. And look for a solution may have to.

8. You will learn what you can do. During a solo trip you manifest these qualities, which you never knew existed. You will gain invaluable experience, meet new people and believe in themselves. And when you get back and realize what a great way to have done, it will never be the same.

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