Impressive photos 2014

Twisted Sifter Journal summed up the first half of the year and chose the best shots.

Our world is incredibly beautiful, and photographers from around the world do not get tired of reminding us of this. Most inspiring pictures we publish their pages renowned magazine Twisted Sifter, who summed up the first half of 2014 and chose the best photos.

Website has selected for you the most spectacular and worth seeing pictures of the beauty of our planet.

That is what it means to "seize the moment"


From the window samoleta

One storone

My little hram

Boats in Menorca, Ispaniya

Ballooning in Kappadokii

Hello Hippo!

8 hours aeroportu

Snow mae

Why did you wake me?

More Tuna!

New poputchik

The shadow of the mountains of Mount Reynir


Preparing for posadke

Frozen trees Laplandiya

Unexplored mir

Heavenly kara

On top of the world's tallest residential zdaniya

The sea of ​​rose and cherry overgrown railway doroga

Mount Fuji from kosmosa

Vintage wind melnitsy

Lonely snezhinka


Dangerous progulka

Storm on plyazhe

Geyser on the verge izverzheniya

Lake Shlegays, Avstriya

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