20 images, which look says more than any words

Stories of these photos by themselves leave an indelible mark on the soul, and for a long time remain in memory. But if you pay attention to the expression of the eyes of heroes, you will feel much more like they will glance into the heart.

By the day of the photographer, which is celebrated on July 12, Website has collected 20 powerful photos that once again prove that the eyes - a mirror of the soul.


The very moment when Harold was born deaf Uitlz hear the first sounds with the help of hearing aids.


Looking exhausted American soldier, who was released from a German prison camp. Limburg, Germany, in 1945.


The soldier with combat trauma during the Battle of Kurselett September 1916. This injury is caused by the combat situation, it leads to panic, loss of reason, the possibility of sleep, walk or talk.


A soldier of the Red Army is a German soldier after the Battle of Stalingrad.


Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield at the party 20th Century Fox, dedicated to Sophia Loren. April 12, 1957.


Fifteen German soldier Hans Georg Henke crying after US soldiers captured him April 3, 1945. He was a soldier of the Luftwaffe, his father and mother died a few years before that moment, and he went to serve in the army to feed themselves.


Bibi Aisha's father gave her in marriage to Taliban fighters when she was 12 years as compensation for a murder committed by a member of her family. At age 18, Aisha fled from the constant harassment of her husband, but was caught by police and returned to the family. To punish her for running away, husband, father in law, and a few family members took her to the mountains, cut off his nose and ears and left there to die. Aisha rescued aid workers. Her disfigured face on the cover of Time magazine has generated a lot of debate about the threat that hangs over every Afghan woman.


The photograph Corporal Yukio Araki (17 years old) with a puppy surrounded by co-workers (all around 18 years old). They photographed the day before their mission kamikaze in Okinawa. Almost all pilots to the campaign was from 17 to 22 years. Not a picture of people imagine when they hear about the legendary Kamikaze.


Photo is called "Boy with sapphire eyes." When the photographer Vanessa Bristow published it, I got a lot of criticism for being too outspoken use Photoshop. In response, she published the rest of the boy's photo, to prove that nothing has changed in the picture. Dark skin and blue eyes are likely to talk about the ocular albinism child.


Photo from the personal archive of the Einsatzgruppen soldier called "The Last Jew of Vinnitsa." The winery and its surroundings at the time were killed 28,000 Jews.


The surgeon, after a successful 23-hour operation for a heart transplant. His assistant sleeping in the corner.


Suffering from hunger, a woman lying on the sidewalk in the Warsaw ghetto. The picture was taken by the German soldier in 1941.


In 1989, during a game Liverpool - Nottingham at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield happened stampede that killed 96 people and injured 766. The incident has become history's most horrific events of the Great Britain.

Innocence Lost

Photo of Ahmed, son of eight Syrian rebels. Ahmed standing in front of the barricade in Aleppo. His eyes and facial expression says that the boy had already seen a lot in his life.


At a time when Goebbels learned that his photos - a Jew, a friendly smile gone from his face. "He looked at me with eyes full of disgust, and began like a withering look," - said the photographer.


Sharbat Gula lost her parents during the bombing of Afghanistan and was forced to flee with his brothers, sisters and grandmother through the mountains to neighboring Pakistan, a refugee camp in 1984.


Frenchwoman shaved bald people of her city as a punishment for cooperating with the German soldiers. Photographed after the end of World War II.


The soldier in the photo is unknown, but it is served in one of the battalions of the Airborne Brigade in South Vietnam. June 18, 1965.

Reverently STRAH

In the puppet show in a Paris park at the time of the murder of the snake of St. George, 1963.


The real and genuine.


The woman at the time of the liberation from the German camp of Bergen-Belsen. Her face was unusually lively and shining with joy, as if she had never been concluded.

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