The power of thought.

I'm sure many have heard or read about this interesting hypothesis, which caused a bunch of disputes in most people. Some agree that the power of thought can help realize the desire, while others are trying in every way to deny the very possibility of getting everything you want. The essence of this theory is that the universe is ready to give gifts to those who ask. The main thing to formulate the desired object, the image and the feeling in your mind. The main point is that man may be attracted to both good and bad.

Why stick failures?

1. The universe takes our bad thoughts from the cerebral cortex and recognize them as our desires. She can do the same as our fears and our true desires. For example, a person who always says that to him stick all diseases, is bound to be hurt, not drying.

2. People will materialize their negative emotions, not paying attention to those whom the universe sends us help. These helpers are called mediators. People complain about each other, and they like to be in the role of eternal victim.
3. The information provided to us on television, radio, newspapers, mainly aimed at the negative thoughts and emotions in the viewer, listener, reader. People filter the news, much happier than those who are interested only bad.
We begin to live again!

First we need to pass three mandatory step release:

1. What is my past? Man needs to look at its past by, and see what he wanted and what has made. What are the bad things he pulled himself, and how it has affected his life. The past must be turned into the future. To do this you need to write all their complaints, claims to live on a piece of paper, and then, on reflection reformulate a complaint with the target. So you will have the answers to many questions, and you will clearly see what you want out of life actually.

2. What is my future? When you understand what you want and what dream, you must close your eyes and imagine yourself in their happy future. Where you are, who you are, imagine how happy you are in the real, but at the same time an imaginary world. Then you have to thank the universe, your next life and spirit of God. Power of Gratitude brings a huge role in the materialization.

3. Enough complaints! Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Ignore the negative and positive take. Think about the good and forget the bad. You must shine with positive emotions, and then your life will be as optimistic as you are.


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