20 things you need to know if you love a person with attention deficit

psychologist and blogger June Strongest wrote a terrific article on how to live with a man suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A Website has translated it for you.

- In fact, love the person with ADHD is difficult. You never know what to say. It's like walking through a minefield: you walk on tiptoe, but have no idea what step (or word) will cause an explosion of emotions.

People with ADHD suffer. Life for them is more difficult than most. Their brilliant minds are constantly in the dance of designing, inventing, writing and never rest. Imagine: it's like to be in my head carousel that never for a moment stops rotating.

True love is unconditional, but the ADHD tests your limits of love. Whether it's your child, friend or spouse - neither one relationship will not be able to avoid this check. And the best way to bring peace to both of you - learn to think a little differently.

That's what happens in the mind of such people:

1. Their mind is constantly in a state of activity

The human brain with ADHD always active. It does not have the power button / switch. It is impossible to artificially slow down. It is a burden that must learn to control.

2. They listen, but do not take what they say

A person with ADHD will look on you, listen to you, to see how your lips are moving, but after the first five words of your mind it will be too far away. They still hear you, but think about how often you blink, or that your hair disheveled.

3. It is difficult to focus on the task

Instead of focusing on something in front of them, people with ADHD are considering the colors in a picture on the wall. Like wandering in a maze, they begin to move in the same direction, but always rolled up, to find a way out.

4. They are restless

As thinkers are sensitive to what is happening around them. In a noisy restaurant, they can feel the same as you would feel in the front row at a concert of "Metallica". Tiny bad news can run in them mode doomsday.

5. They can not concentrate because of the emotions

If they are worried or they are upset about something, people with ADHD can not concentrate on anything else. This reduces the concentration at work, conversation or social situation to a minimum.

6. They focus too heavily

If something is of interest to people with ADHD, they dive into the work as divers in the depths of the ocean.

7. It is difficult to give up the task in progress

And they can stay in the depths of the ocean for hours. Even when their oxygen is running out, enjoying the views, they do not rise up, until you feel the final exhaustion.

8. They are not able to regulate their emotions

A person with ADHD unrestrained emotion, do not know the proportions and limitations. Tangled wires in their brilliant minds hamper the processing of thoughts and emotions. They need more time to organize these systems and make them work properly.

9. They happen verbal outbursts

They impulsively say what they think, so these people are often pulled out words that they later regret. For them, it is almost impossible "edit" it, before it is delivered.

10. They feel uncomfortable in society

Realizing that they are different people with ADHD often feel uncomfortable in social life. They fear that blurt stupidity or react properly. Avoidance helps them feel safe.

11. They are deeply intuitive

People with ADHD see the world outside of what lies on the surface. This is the most enjoyable aspect of ADHD. This inspiring feature of the creative geniuses. Inventors, artists, musicians, writers thrive on it.

12. They think outside

Another wonderful aspect of ADHD they think differently, and their minds abstract see these solutions, which do not see people with a particular mindset.

13. They are impatient and fidgety

Easily irritated, they want everything to happen at once, constantly playing with their phones, Teasing hair dangle foot ... People with ADHD must be constant movement. It is their soothing Zen.

14. They are physically sensitive

Pencils are too heavy for their hands. Fiber cloth, which he felt would be a different person, cause itching. The beds are uncomfortable. Food has a texture that you can not even imagine. As a princess from a fairy tale, they can feel a pea under twenty mattresses.

15. They are disorganized

Heaps are their favorite method of organization. After the task has been solved, the paper associated with it, are placed in a pile, where they remain until such time as the heap does not become too high. Then the person with ADHD feels overwhelmed, frustrated and clears all. People with ADHD need to be careful not to turn into Elijah. So people find it difficult to keep things in order, because their brain does not function in an orderly manner.

16. They need space to move

When they talk on the phone or simply lead a conversation, people with ADHD do better in motion. Movement calms and clarifies their thoughts.

17. They avoid making decisions

Decision-making and execution of tasks in time to have accompanied the struggle. This is not because they are lazy or irresponsible, but because their minds are full of options and possibilities. They are easy to avoid making decisions because they are more focused on the process of thinking. They live in the depths of his own mind.

18. They do not remember simple tasks

Another paradoxical feature of ADHD - is memory. People with ADHD forget to pick clothes from the dry cleaners or to buy milk. On the other hand, they remember every comment, quote, and phone number, heard throughout the day. Regardless of how the phone reminders will be installed, they will always be distracted mind elsewhere. Visible elements always easier to remember. That's why on the desktop of their computer is always open 15 windows.

19. They can solve a lot of problems at the same time

Due to the constant activity of the mind, they are able to move from task to task without closing the previous one. The more it has done at once, the better for them. Multitasking is one of their favorite affairs.

20. They are passionate about everything they do

When a person with ADHD is doing something, he does it with heart and soul. They give everything they have. They are perceptive and really deeply felt.

Yes, people with ADHD are difficult to love, but understanding will help you open your heart and see their beautiful soul.

via www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/20-things-remember-you-love-person-with-add.html


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