35 brilliant photographs, filled with love and kindness

From the very good work once serdtsa.Sdelat easily. Much more difficult to always remain good, despite the machinations that builds the world around you. To comprehend this science can be to a great age, and has not reached perfection.

We want to say that in this world, in addition to wars, protests and political upheaval, there is really worthwhile, worth living. The main thing - in any condition to remain human.

But the confusion does not always have time to notice the most important thing. So you appreciate and enjoy all that you have.

Change pokoleniy

Just 6 generations of girls in one photo.

Important ptitsa

In okopah

Love - strong oruzhie

Love is not worse lyudey

20 years spustya

Contemplation prekrasnogo

True love

Father and doch


First buket


Until the age

Incorrigible romantik

9 months

Give komandu

Love brata

New drug

In domike

To get as I like cotton candy!

Faith in luchshee


Humanity more zolota

Superheroes wash windows of child doma



When it does not matter on what you storone


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