Family life in pictures

Mila and Sergei - a normal married couple. He likes to stay home and cook it - to read books and eat. They have a cat and a common passion for soap operas. In general, it is a normal life experience, which they captured in a nice comic.

Website has chosen 20 of them stories of love in everyday life - a warm, cozy and full of sweet curiosities. The most common happiness.

Amazing fakt

Secret harvested komnaty

Winter takes about tak


Few men filosofii

Our buduschee

Autumn handra

You can not just take and ...

One hundred recipes krasoty

And again on the favorite kote

His favorite odezhde

The family romance - she takaya

Well, cats are just hilarious!

I already know what you krasivaya

Mark's birthday - it neprostoe

Sometimes we go to uma

Morning and vecher


This awkward moment

Source comics: Couple - a normal phenomenon

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