15 films that will believe in themselves

Sometimes, in order to keep going forward, it is lacking motivation and inspiration. Force end, I want to spit on everything and let go of the situation.

Website offers 15 films for all those who are tired of the routine and who lack the will and the faith itself.

October Sky Sometimes, do not listen to what others say. You should listen to yourself! Em>

The height of the Cold War. The Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth. For Homer, the student, who lives in a small mining town, the satellite launch has become the point at which the meaning of life has changed irrevocably. And when there is a goal, and you only live it, nothing can stop you.

10 Steps to Success Sometimes in life you need to rebuild and go on another band. Em>

The heroine of the film - ever doubted a little disappointed in my life a young girl. Hero Freeman - sociable, communicative, very caring people. And that he makes Woman stand, look around, open up and believe in yourself. How often each of us lack this here Morgan Freeman at some point in life.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Stop dreaming. Begin to live. Em>

This painting is about the adventures of a loser if the office screaming on the screen: "Do not be like it! Do not be afraid! Change the world! "Teenage enthusiasm demonstrated to us 48-year-old Hollywood veteran comedian Ben Stiller, which, in theory, should have been away from it all for a long time to get tired. But that's a mug.

Character - Rewrite me again! Em>

Harold Crick - a typical tax official: Life on the schedule, the numbers in my head, all according to plan. The ideal worker is inexcusable "deeply" zasunuvshy own desires and dreams. And all would be well if it is not formulaic action began to comment on the voice of a certain writer who considers it his duty to kill each character written book. Wow zavyazochki, right?

Hector Travel in search of happiness Everyone wants to find happiness. Em>

At psychoanalyst crisis. It would seem that it should make people happy, but - here's the problem - he is unhappy himself. It feels a charlatan selling rabbit's foot. And so the search goes on. About where and from whom to seek his fortune, and tell this film.

Hairspray Get ready for something very large. Em>

Good and funny musical about a plump girl named Tracy Ternblad. She dreams of becoming a dancer and by example shows how you can overcome difficulties and become a star of the popular TV show dance. By the way, the role of the mother of this girl takes John Travolta!

Big Fish The largest fish in the river becomes one that does not bite the bait. Em>

Tim Burton directed the film-fairy tale, a fantasy film, but not for that we saw were pricked and forgotten. History inventor Edward Bloom - an allusion to the fact that everyone sees your reality in their own way. Someone looking at the night sky, just see the sky, and someone sees the bottomless, boundless world of the stars and the universe ...

Good Year Start a new life. Em>

After watching this movie I want to learn to forget about the time, enjoy a meal, to see the beauty. Learn to take life more easily, without worrying about nothing and did not worry about the lost. To live, not exist, feel, and do not understand, see and not see. A good film about the true values ​​in life.

127 Hours every second counts. Em>

Over the hour and a half of beautiful images, encouraging music, jokes, contrasting with a shocking scene, has not only the most difficult 127 hours Arona, but also have time to think about what you're doing wrong and what you should have time to implement.

Billy Elliot Inside each of us has a special talent that is waiting to break out. The trick is to find it. Em>

The son of a miner must get involved? There is no doubt: Only in boxing and boxing. But the 11-year-old Billy Elliot on this account had an opinion. He was in love ... ballet. Joke? Not at all - most cherished dream. Worth a look for those who are tired to seek support from family and friends.

The Legend of Bagger Vance Inside each of us there is a real true scope. Em>

War veteran Rannulf Juneau once was the best golfer in all of Savannah. But with the war, he returned a different person. He feels lost and lonely, he does not have the strength to continue his "stellar career." Suddenly, his life comes a mysterious Bager Vance, who helps the hero to have faith in yourself.

Water for Elephants! Life - is the most amazing show on earth. Em>

At Jacob had big plans for life. He had already thought of everything. It only remained to pass the final exam, and everything will be fine and carefree. But the death of his parents changed everything. House took the pot. No money, as well as work. The film is about love, kindness and compassion to the relatives, the faith in their own strength and effort to change lives.

Three Idiots Our heart - a real coward. It is necessary to fool him. Em>

If you think that Indian cinema - a circus, then after watching the "idiot" you will change your opinion. Two students enter the College of Engineering. One - at the urging of his father and in spite of his dream, the other - to earn a living. Both with their problems and fears. And then there Ranch, which is not like the other students, who teach not to be afraid to be yourself and tell how important it is to follow his dream.

It's Kind of a Funny Story If you do not live, you just die. Em>

Craig 16. He has problems in school, family, and he does not get along with the girls. All this seems to Craig sufficient to commit suicide. But not to die in the same 16 years, so he goes to the clinic. As a result, the film turns into a story about how we should live. Or rather, that we must live! Jump, run, travel, go to movies, sing, listen to music, to fulfill dreams, look for opportunities to make a choice ... In general - to live.

Gattaca I do not leave the power on the way back! Em>

In this film lies a terrific idea. And it is that it does not matter in what circumstances you were born, how you felt since childhood around. The important thing is that you yourself know who actually are. The belief in themselves and their power to create miracles.

Share in the comments movies that give strength for you.

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