The taxi driver did not notice the trolley, Kiev

Taxi Daewoo Lanos moving ave. 40th Anniversary of October in the direction of the Moscow area. For some reason, the driver did not see who was standing by the side of the trolley - and will remain a mystery, but the fact remains - Lanos at high speed flew under the standing trolley. Passenger car mangled beyond recognition - its front maimed until the B-pillars.

As a result of the accident at the scene killed the driver and two passengers taxis and trolleybus driver, who was at that time filming collectors - he was sandwiched between trolleybus and Daewoo. Another two taxi passengers were hospitalized in serious condition.

In comments on a certain site Ukrainian girl writes that her husband works in the same company as the deceased driver. On the night of the accident the company saw in a restaurant, then the driver sat behind the wheel drunk. But it's not exactly just a comment.


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