25 photos of the celebrities who were the same age

Looking through the photos and videos our favorite actors and musicians, we can not imagine that some of the big names - the same age. Perhaps here it is in the genes, personal care, and lifestyle. But the fact remains that these people were born in the same year.

Website publish pictures of celebrities who were the same age.

Eminem and Dwayne Johnson - 43 goda

John Cho and Jean Dujardin - 43 goda

Megan Fox and Rebel Wilson - 29 let

Patrick Stewart and John Hurt - 74 goda

Sylvester Stallone and Tommy Lee Jones - 68 let

Scott Cohen and Sami Naseri - 53 goda

Chuck Norris and Michael Gambon - 74 goda

Matt Damon and Simon Pegg - 45 let

Eddie Murphy and Forest Whitaker - 54 goda

Courtney Love and Monica Bellucci - 50 let

Renee Zellweger and Jennifer Aniston - 46 let

Reon Ivan and Danila Kozlovsky - 30 let

Tobey Maguire and Kristian Nairn - 39 let

Edward Norton and Gerard Butler - 46 let

Lana Del Rey and Keira Knightley - 30 let

Johnny Depp and Mikhail Efremov - 51 god

Carmen Electra and Cameron Diaz - 42 goda

Frédéric Diefenthal and Daniel Craig - 46 let

Brad Pitt and Dean Norris - 51 god

Adrian Paul and Hugh Laurie - 56 let

Alan Rickman and Charles Dance - 68 let

Will Smith and Terry Crews - 46 let

Dustin Hoffman and Joseph Kobzon - 77 let

Thomas Sangster and Hafthor Bernsson - 25 let

Incomparable Vladimir Zeldin - 100 let

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