Sweden has found an ingenious way to encourage people to donate blood

Swedish authorities found a way to encourage people to donate blood. The method is surprisingly simple, but very effective.

Once a person comes out of the hospital after giving blood on his phone receives a message with gratitude. The second message is sent when the blood is actually used and will save someone's life.

"We are constantly trying to come up with ways to emphasize the importance of donors", - says Caroline Wiberg Blom, manager of public affairs Stockholm Blood Service. "We decided to give feedback to thank the donors for their efforts. But most of all we care about is that our volunteers come back to us ยป.

In addition, publication of the messages in social networks makes people discuss the subject when they see that their friends are saving someone's life and attract new donors.

We wording Website believe that it is time for all countries to introduce such a system of incentives for voluntary blood donation.

via www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/blood-donors-sweden-get-text-whenever-their-blood-flows-another-human


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