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Odessa - a special city. On the unique humor and slang, famous of its inhabitants were legends, write books and make films. Some linguists even emit so-called Odessa language - so it is colorful, full of color and unusual turns of phrase.

< Website I admire wit Odessa and believes that they can learn exactly optimistic attitude towards life.

  • - Monya, why it was necessary to send Sema mate? He is a gynecologist! Suffice it to say, "Sam, go to work!»
  • - Who did put his red "Lamborghini" at the entrance? No go or get out! I ask whose it was?

    - And sho you yelling, Monya? It's yours!

    - I know, just maybe, someone does not know!
  • - Oh, Moshe, come again! Without you, then so good!
  • - Izzy, do not look so intently! You make me like you ...

    • - Yosya, go stroked his shirt, and then the people, God forbid, he thought, I sho of you do not care.
    • - Nathan S., what do you think black band in my life ever end?

      - Of course, you're still not eternal.
    • - Sam, you would have bought me a flower ...

      - Why, Celia, you're kind of still living?
    • - Celia, are you ready to fly?

      - Did so!

      - And how?

      - Slowly stretch summer clothes.

      • In Odessa tram:

        - Man, did buy a ticket! Or I'll make you ashamed all the way.
        • Odessa, Privoz:

          - Shaw, then you fish some ugly, pale?

          - A sho wi want, madam? She stood in the sea early today, did not have time to make up ...
        • - Yasha, you can congratulate me. I drove six times at a stoplight, and I still have never been fined! So, I added a little money saved and bought a lovely dress!
        • - Celia, you have a shred of conscience is ?!

          - Yes, you sho ... Monia, still instill?

          • Odessa. The sign on the toilet: "Dear! Do not stand still kicking on the toilet! There are many other ways to be on top! Administration ».
            • In the words of Simon Moiseevich:" Do not rush to judge a man on first impression. Probably the main character, he mucks in store for dessert ».
            • Rose complains friend:

              - I can not teach Moshe to order - every time it still hides the wallet in a new place!
            • - Joseph! Shaw let you imagine ?!

              - What is it, Firochka?

              - Immediately begin to allow yourself more!

              • - Hello, Benny, my son, you are an adult, and do as you said an inner voice coming from the phone ...
              • Odessa. Grocery store. Announcement: "Those who do not require a deposit, served out of turn!»
              • - Tell me, please, I'm on that bus to Privoz doedu?

                - Why do you Privoz? Such a good weather - Go to the sea!

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