This woman filled up the letters when they learned her real age

Pamela Jacobs in his 52 years old, seems to be "stuck" in the age of "20's" and it looks like his girlfriend 21-year-old son.

The woman claims that the secret of her youth is simple: it is a healthy food, sunscreen and coconut oil for all kinds of purposes.

Of course, this is not without the help of genetics: Pamela says her mother, brothers and sisters, too, look younger than they really are.

Youthful looks good genes, a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and coconut oil - this is a regular feature of her life.

Pamela definitely like to look young, but it does not play on their appearance.

«I'm not sure that would be undertaken in a bikini car wash. Still, there are some limitations when you're the mother of 21-year-old son. Although I still wear little denim shorts in the garden ».


Son of Pamela wonders how his mother can not receive compliments from a much younger men, and sometimes even by his peers.

«Some of my friends refused to believe that this is my son, not one».


«It's flattering, but I prefer men the same age with me».


Pamela admits that strange and uncomfortable feeling in this position, but despite this, does not see any real downsides in order to look younger than their years.

«A few years ago I bought a ticket to London, and the cashier asked my student transportation card. I told him that I was not a student, and called my real age. He walked away and blushed ».

blockquote> In spite of the well-groomed appearance, Mrs. Jacobs, who performed in '53 in the next month, says she begins to notice some of the signs of aging, such as fatigue.

«I'm a big fan of coconut oil, use it for cooking, add coffee, use it as a means for removing makeup and hair treatment, how I taught my mother, and put on the body twice daily as a moisturizer" .


Woman avoid foods made from wheat, and does not eat the fruit because of its high sugar content, but said that everything else is allowed.

«I follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of wholesome food, and 20% that can not be called a very useful».


«I think that the secret of eternal youth is to smile every day. What could be better than a smile when she takes off for decades? It is best to contribute to my youth that makes me feel good and gives me confidence. I'm not perfect, I have faults, like everyone else, but I'm grateful for what I have ».


To look young, Pamela developed its lifestyle DietaPamela born in South Asia and SuperHealth eat food, mostly vegetables and proteins, such as salmon.

Pamela loves Asian cuisine and often prepares dishes with ginger, cumin and turmeric, believing that these spices are very useful for health.

At breakfast - boiled egg with gluten-free toast or oatcakes and coconut yogurt with nuts and fresh berries.

After the meal, Pamela drinks a glass of coconut water and always tries to monitor the level of iron, since at this age it drops sharply.

Pamela dinner salad prepared at home in the morning. It usually contains a mixture of spinach, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, red pepper, avocado, beans and sauerkraut. Fresh basil and coriander give the flavor of the salad, and pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds add crunch.

«From protein ingredients I add salmon, eggs or chicken, and cayenne pepper and lots of black pepper».

blockquote> Dinner consists of a portion of chicken, fish or steak fatty lamb with "mountain vegetables" - broccoli and zucchini are favorites.

In addition, it almost does not drink coffee, and in her daily diet consists of a handful of almonds and fresh celery.

During the day Pamela drinking water, flavored with freshly squeezed lime juice.

UprazhneniyaZhenschina goes into functional workout 1 time per week and immediately thereafter engaged in fitness yoga.

At the gym, she goes to a sauna and a Russian bath.

«I'm sitting in the sauna for 10 minutes, and then take cold shower. It invigorates me and tones the skin ».


Care kozheyChtoby preserve youthfulness of their skin, it uses a moisturizing barrier cream and essential oils. Mrs. Jacobs also takes an anti-aging cream to restore the skin around the eyes and makes a mask for deep cleansing facial 1 time per week.

TelomPamela care moisturizing body with coconut oil twice a day and says what it does help her skin stay incredibly soft.

It also uses a brush to the body before taking a shower, and prefers to shower gels without parabens.

Once a week, she takes a bath with the addition of pink Himalayan salt. And also enjoys daily scrub for the feet.



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