12 borders between the countries, which destroy all the stereotypes

The state border - usually heavily armed guards, coached Shepherd, barbed wire and strict passport control. But not all so simple! Meanwhile many countries border - a symbolic line on the sidewalk or along the side road separates.

Germany - Chehiya

Majestic border between Germany and the Czech Republic. One kind is worth!

Norway - Shvetsiya

Here is the descent to the border between Norway and Sweden.

Poland - Ukraina

Giant fish between Poland and Ukraine symbolize the conventional boundaries between countries. Their creator - Polish artist Jaroslav Kozyar.

Sweden - Finland

On the border between Sweden and Finland, you can play golf.

Argentina - Brazil - Paragvay

On the left - Argentina, right - Brazil, in the middle - Paraguay.

Brazil - Urugvay

The boundary between the two countries takes place directly on the sidewalk. Left - Brazil, right - Uruguay.

Canada - SSHA

The border between the United States and Canada passes through the town of Derby Line - right through the building.

Belgium - Niderlandy

We went to a cafe in the Netherlands and left the cafe in Belgium.

Nepal - KNR

Directly on Everest is the border between Nepal and China.

Germany - Niderlandy

The border between Germany and the Netherlands recorded in the business center Eurode metal strip. And, while the mailboxes are located on both sides of the border, the letter to reach the destination in a week.

Russia - SSHA

It is an island between Russia and the United States. As from Chukotka, Alaska and the island is separated from the 35 km. Despite this, the difference in time is 21 h.

China - Mongoliya

And on the border between China and Mongolia is nothing unusual. Just kissing dinosaurs.

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