At a first glance it might seem that this is a pattern or embroidery ... But the truth was unexpected!

At first glance, not so easy to understand what is actually depicted in the photograph. But after looking closely, you notice the windows, balconies, loggias ... Yes, it's houses! However, looking at these scales, their fit to be called an anthill.

The photographs show housing estates in Hong Kong. The territory of the Special Administrative Region of China is low, while the number of people is enormous. So we have to build these monstrous buildings to provide housing for local residents.

Yes, sleeping areas here look depressing.

Views from the windows of the house opposite depressing ...

Interestingly, the residents of these houses ever see the sun?

It is significant that even the windows on the upper floors are a lattice.

Imagine what is all to the elevator, where all the morning rush to work.

These nests, otherwise you could not tell.

By the way, some of these high-rise buildings there are very low cost apartments, which do not even have windows!

Inside, only the most necessary. Spend the night - and again the plant. B>

We have student dorms conditions better ...

What is a room or a camera? Social housing is frightening. B>

After what he saw, complain to his apartment.

Yeah, so the conditions of life are not to be envied. However, in our metropolitan areas are beginning to build such massivy- anthills. I hope that the developers still have enough sense not to go too far and not to build skyscrapers like endless. After all, we, unlike Hong Kong, there are no problems with the territory.

If you are struck by these pictures, be sure to share them with your friends. Now no one dares precisely whining, complaining of his house.



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