The horror of global warming in the same photo. The unenviable fate of polar bears ...

Renowned photographer and naturalist, German Kerstin Langenberger made a picture that tells about the threat of global warming much more than voluminous reports environmentalists. The photo shows the emaciated polar bear, melting ice floe to move on.

Kerstin specialized in taking pictures of polar animals. According to her, rarely seen chubby polar bear. Most of them are forced to go hungry because of climate change, habitat bears sharply reduced the number of seals. Bears have to switch to other types of food, but to catch a deer is not so simple, and geese are not particularly naeshsya.

This picture was taken on Spitsbergen, where there are about three thousand polar bears. It attracts many tourists to see these beautiful and powerful animals. But by threatening the melting of Arctic sea ice, the polar bear population soon may be on the verge of extinction.

From this picture it becomes scary. It makes think seriously about environmental issues. If you are moved by this image and its history, be sure to notify your friends about the consequences of global warming.


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