Report on polar bears (11 photos)

Canadian town of Churchill, in Manitoba, near Hudson Bay - one of the few places where you can see polar bears in their natural habitat.

Reserve "Wapusk" inhabited by the largest colony of polar bears, which has fifteen hundred individuals, is just a few kilometers from the city

By the way, "Vapuck" translated from Cree language meaning "white bear."

Naturally, a number of bears attracts tourists. Most of them in mid-October - early November, when it is a so-called bear season, the migration of polar bears.

And bears are attracted tourists. Especially if they are fried bacon.

Sometimes bears teens find out the relationship.

According to the Wildlife Trust of polar animals, there are already at least 20 thousand worldwide, 60 percent of which occur in Canada

Warning of the danger signs posted even inside the city.

Bears that come too close to the homes of people who fall into special traps. They were then euthanized and taken 30 kilometers from the city.

The polar bear is in danger - the scientists predict a reduction in the world population of the bears on 2 \ 3 over the next 50 years due to global warming. As they hunt on the ice, for them it is a determining factor of survival. But 20 years of global warming have led to the fact that Hudson Bay began to thaw for 3 weeks earlier and freezing later. This forces the bears roam the land from July to November hungry and skinny, yet they can not get out on the hunt.

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