Texture printing allows you to touch the famous paintings

The exhibition Canon Expo, which takes place every five years, the company introduced the technology textured print. The picture is applied to the surface layer by layer, as do the 3D-printer, giving the image a tangible amount.


«Girl with a Pearl Earring," Jan Vermeer, about 1665. i>

The printer recognizes number of layers in two versions image: color and chёrno- white understands where the shadow, and finds out what amount of ink is needed for each zone. What follows is a long process of printing, but the output you get an image with the real physical depth. Hands can touch the muscles in the legs or lips girl athlete in the photo.

The technology has the potential to change people's interaction with the masterpieces of art. Each element of the original painting can be played, whether the cracks, bumps or drops of paint canvas. Reproduction will be better able to capture the spirit of the original product.

In any case, school trips to the exhibition can be more fun for children.

Source: geektimes.ru/post/262508/


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