In China, there is a "school of strict regime"

Scientists - the light and the TV - tmaShkola quiet town of Mao Tang Chang, located in the mountains of Chinese provitsii Anhui, known as one of the most unusual educational institutions of China. There are educated about 20 thousand young men and women, which is four times the population of the city itself, but the main "highlight" of the school - not the number of students and the extraordinarily strict rules.


In «Mao Tan Chang High School» not allowed to watch TV, use the Internet and mobile communication, informal communication between students, as well as other activities not related to education, dealt with severely. The dorm rooms do not have outlets everywhere but surveillance cameras installed to prevent any possibility of breaking the rules of the school. In addition, compliance with the order contribute to numerous guards on duty in the academic buildings and dormitories. All teachers at the school - a man of discipline widely used "military" methods of education, including - corporal punishment.


Interestingly, the bodies of municipal government to actively support the policy of management of the school in relation to students. By order of the officials have closed a billiard room, Internet cafes and other places of entertainment were located near the «Mao Tan Chang High School», so that, if they wanted, students are unable to diversify their leisure time "criminal" methods.


The school says that the "draconian" measures pay off - in 2014, more than 9 thousand graduates have been able to enroll in universities in China, although for example, in 1998 only 98 urban schoolchildren became students of Chinese universities.


Despite the extremely strict conditions of learning from those who want to go to «Mao Tan Chang High School» no end. For children from remote rural province is the only chance to prepare for the «Gaokao» - the matriculation exam, which is considered one of the toughest in the world. Recently, complaints from parents of schoolchildren at an incredible workload, forcing Beijing to start educational reform, to make life easier for students of Chinese schools.



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