The plot of the novel "1984" dystopia borrowed from Yevgeny Zamyatin "We"

"We - the arithmetic mean of the happiest ..." George Orwell's novel "1984" - one of the darkest antiutopian works in the history of literature. You are probably familiar with him, even if not read the book. Some vivid images embodied the English writer became common and have become part of our lives - is enough to mention the notorious "Big Brother" on whose watchful eye of no one escape and the "Ministry of Truth", which became a synonym for false government propaganda.

described in Orwell's world of 1984, the State seeks to secure Oceania monopoly on the thoughts and feelings of citizens, by controlling all aspects of life, from professional to intimate. The caste society rampant suspicion and denunciation, implanted personality cult of "Big Brother", the most attention is paid to teaching the younger generations "correct" ideology. The government comes up with a "progressive" language ("Newspeak"), which should say "happy" inhabitants of Oceania and instills citizens' sacred doublethink "(" War - is the world ',' lack of knowledge - power "and so on). Foreign Policy Oceania aggressive and bloodthirsty - the country is constantly at war with one of its neighbors ... Nothing resembles?

No, it's not about the Third Reich or the Soviet Union, although the writer is quite transparently hints at the most powerful totalitarian state at the time (later he admitted that he inspired, among other things, he served as a Communist and National Socialist model of social order). The novel "1984" was published in 1949, the year, and in just three years earlier in the newspaper «Tribune» appeared critique of George Orwell's dystopia on Yevgeny Zamyatin "We", written in 1920.

Works of George Orwell and Zamyatin remarkably similar - at first ruled Oceania "big brother", the second chapter in the One State is a "Benefactor." Needless to say, the methods of the Board of "Brother" and "benefactors" are almost identical. And in 1984, George Orwell and the beginning of the fourth millennium Zamyatin state is trying to destroy individuality in humans, turning them into obedient faceless gray mass, whose mission - to serve the interests of the ruling elite. Dissent is not a taboo - it try to eradicate, as a phenomenon. Characters Zamyatin to make this operation to remove the "center of a fantasy," in Orwell's novel "washed" brains. The plot of both works - the relationship between a man and a woman who love each other makes to fight the inhuman regime. Neither English nor Russian writers do not leave the main characters a chance to beat the system - Winston Smith torture forced to give up their beloved and seditious views, and A-503 are subjected to the procedure of "deprivation of imagination", as a result, he also betrays allies to combat and adores I -330 ...

Curiously, with the first translations of "1984" Soviet readers could meet as early as 1950 (in book novel came out in 1957). Perhaps the censors from the ruling party decided that the author makes fun of "decaying capitalist West," but not the "country of victorious socialism." Dystopia Zamyatin was much more intelligible for the builders of the "communist paradise" - in the 1920s, members of the Soviet nomenklatura abandoned literary publishing, "We", having noticed in the novel is unacceptable grotesque parody of the dream of a bright future of the Soviets. In Europe and the United States for several decades Zamyatin's work enjoyed a certain success in the Soviet Union as it published only in 1988, at the height of perestroika, "openness." In a way, marked the collapse of the Soviet glasnost socio-political system and the publication of topical anti-utopian novel, created nearly seventy years before the restructuring, confirms this. So, "we" still come to a happy End?



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