How to adapt to another country

Become a home among chuzhihPishet Life-coach Anna Wirth:

For the past ten years have passed since I moved to Austria. I was not among those who got married and moved to her husband, and from the earliest days was surrounded by warmth and love. I came to Austria just after graduation to work in one of the largest Austrian corporations.

They invited me for six months, and at first I felt no desire to stay. Working in another country perceived as a semester exchange at the European University: new people, unfamiliar places, adventure, drive ...

The headquarters of the group was in a tiny town between Vienna and Salzburg, I was the only Russian, all colleagues were older than me at least ten years and was surprised to look at a very brave girl from Russia. Then my stay was extended for a year, then another year. In 2008, the crisis began, and I had to look for a job "where will take." And it turned out again in Austria.

Since then, many years have passed. I married again, to change jobs ... For several years, I coach, you have a coach to address, and operates mainly in the field of so-called social integration. For me, this phrase is covered with a thick layer of dust clerical bureaucracies - for it I do not like. I like to talk about a happy life in a new country.

Without claiming to be scientific and the title of the ultimate truth, I would like to tell you about the five steps to a happy and interesting life in a new country. In fact, this summary of my personal experience and practice as a heap.

Let's get started.

Learning to adapt to the cultural characteristics and differences in mentaliteteLyudi that surround us in a new country, we grew up in a different world. They were brought up differently, they differently grow, learn, not ours watched cartoons and read other books, other holidays celebrated and sang some songs. They have, after all, otherwise the collective unconscious as Jung would say. But (surprise!) They just experienced, when the children are ill, upset when they are cutting back on work, just like to eat and have fun, are drawn to the heart communication. Yes, maybe some things they express differently, but at the most, the most important values ​​we have in common is much greater than the differences. By myself I know that this fact is not easy to understand, and often it takes time, but without the desire to adapt to the cultural characteristics and differences in mentality is difficult to move on: in fact we are limiting ourselves in the circle of communication and opportunities.

Learning to live here and seychasMnogie of those who come to another country, after the initial euphoria fall into a state of nostalgia and longing for the past, his native land, family and friends. This, in general, clear and absolutely normal. I too longed for Moscow. This is absolutely my city, despite the traffic jams and the environment. It's hard, when you get into this state, and often get stuck for a long time. At such times, people do not actually live, and browse an endless film which is shown in the head. Therefore, at some point well aware of it sticking, and if you decide to live in a new country, to say to himself, "Stop!" And move the focus of the "here and now».

Eckhard Tolle in his book writes in great detail, how to learn to be here and now, if not permanently, then at least most of the time. I will not retell. Let me just say that when I noticed that I was starting to fall into a state of melancholy, I helped to see themselves on top: in the room where I am now, to see the building, street, city, country and continent to see Russia and the favorite of my Moscow. To feel the connection between us and understand what we are actually very close. "Distance - is an illusion," - said a friend of mine. To reinforce these feelings, I called my grandparents, parents or girlfriends, saying that I love them and miss, I can not wait, when we meet again. And then I returned to my "here and now».

Understand that you can escheU many of those who have moved to a new country, there is the opportunity to work in the same specialty or remotely to do the same thing as in the homeland. Many of this fade, and even start to hurt. Therefore, when moving very well be internally prepared for the change of profession - and open up new opportunities.

The main difficulty in this process is, oddly enough, not the language or the lack of opportunities, and the rigidity of ideas about itself. For example: "I am a lawyer, and nothing more. I can make contracts, and Russian. I do nothing else to do. " It is important to recognize personal prejudices about their abilities: "Here I stand at the reception desk is not exactly capable of," or "The children I have never not be able to work") and prejudices about professions "Waitress - humiliating profession for a woman».

This point is really the most difficult, because it is associated with overcoming their own borders, with the expansion of self-image and the search for possibilities to realize his talents in the new society. But I truly believe that all of us, each of us can find its place in a new country and society. Once I did not believe in his journalistic ability and it cost me a great effort to overcome fear and shame, and send my "opus" the editors of famous magazines. To my amazement, I was published and asked for more! In my coaching practice, I saw many examples of how lawyers became gardeners, landscape designers and then, linguists - bank employees, and psychologists - the hotel manager. And we are happy!

Find your sources of joy and silyKonechno if there is an opportunity to continue to do something that is very pleasing and give power house - wonderful. But, unfortunately, this is not always possible. In Europe, many Russian interests are much more expensive (horse riding, shooting, parachuting) or not available at all. Therefore, in a new country often have to look for new employment for the soul.

The process of the search can be very fun! It is, in fact, such research work: to try and see what warms and what is not. And act without prejudice, be as open a new way, as a child.

Ten years ago, in Moscow, I could not think what to throw darts can be so exciting! And a lot of fun, if a group of friends. My second source of strength was the Kundalini Yoga. I knew about it only by hearsay, and the first class experienced culture shock: white skin instead of mats, mantras, exotic mega-traffic, almost no static ... Now I try not to miss any classes.

Thank you for what estEtot item is the last, although he could begin - so it is important. Moving to another country is always stressful. Big or not - depends on the person and circumstances. The stress has a tendency of narrowing of perception and focus on what is wrong, as you used to. In fact, this is the way to a standstill. Very good at such moments to look back and see that so ask yourself, for what I can be grateful. By the way, some thank (God, Life, the Universe) every day and say that it helps them to maintain a positive attitude. I started with her husband, clean air, neighbors and friends, the opportunity to help my family, to spend time themselves and their health ...

In this article, I said not a word of knowledge of the language, because for me it is a matter of course: if you live in another country - if you speak the local language. Let a Ryazan accent mistakes, but to say!



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