10 effective ways to deal with too selfish people

The antidote to egoizmaKazhdy people in varying degrees, is selfish. There is a fine line between similar characteristics of the ego. Although a sufficient level of self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence is important for good communication, we run the risk of becoming too self-centered, arrogant or just narcissistic.

For example, some people are constantly trying to make everyone believe that their own world better, and others are always dissatisfied with something. Others can spend hours talking about themselves, making you feel that you are just as important. These selfish people like the idea of ​​"one for all and all for one", but only when the "one" - themselves.

They will depreciate and dislike you if you do not show their "superiority". If you met someone very selfish or perhaps you have a friend or partner, selfish, here are some specific ways to fend for themselves.

1. To declare that they have no respect for drugimPervy way to deal with such people - be realistic. It is important to understand what a selfish person can not meet your needs from the very beginning. Sometimes these people are noble and charming, but more often they nevdumchivy and attentive. This is due to the lack of specific skills or the desire to be. Knowing this gives a clear understanding of what place you're in a relationship.

2. Give yourself the attention that zasluzhivaeteEgoistichnye people - emotional vampires. They crave your attention, but do not give it in return. Not to remain emotionally squeezed, give yourself the attention you gave an emotional vampire. For example, if you have any discomfort in appearance, go to the barber shop or boutique. This is called "meet their own needs", and it's a great way to boost self-esteem. Give your attention to self-centered man virtuous. You only need it to recharge emotionally nourished and your energy.

3. Stay true to yourself - do not stoop to their urovnyaEgoistichnye people put pressure on you and try to ruffle. Do not allow this. Do not play their game, do not get involved in a situation which is not in control. Do not give in to provocation!

Try to be true to yourself. Be kind to the self-centered people who is mad or bad comes to you, it is very difficult, but they do not act like output. Alleviate any feelings of anger towards them, you can focusing on the positive qualities of his personality. Remember that you are considerate and loving person.

4. Remind them that the world does not revolve around nihEgotsentrichny people can be so obsessed with himself that he forgets to reckon with the thoughts and feelings of others. Sometimes you need a little reminder that the world does not revolve around him. For example, instead of to arrange a tantrum and screaming, "You never listen to me; you always do things his own way "- try to say:" I need to talk to someone about what worries me. Can you hear me »?

5. Do not give them the attention they zhazhdutEto powerful strategy to cope with the extremely selfish people who do not seek to build relationships with others of equal value. The trick is that, listening to the egoist, do not offer the degree of attention that they crave. In a conversation with them, your words have to be fresh to anything non-binding comments.

For example, instead of saying: "Poor thing he did to you? !!" - Say: "Yes, that's life." It's for a while will bring them out of balance. Remember, the attention - that is your treasure. If you do not give it to them, chances are they will go away.

6. Talk about topics that interest vasPrivnosite in conversation with self-centered person all that you are interested in: woodwork, cooking, politics. For example, if he says, 'You will not believe what my friend told me! "- Answer something like," By the way, do you know how much Bill Cosby? "The more random topics unrelated to the topic of the selfish man you pick up, the better.

In spite of everything keep attention on his real interests, and you will see how he tries to hide from you, when you realize that you are not interested in his self-centered stories.

7. Stop doing odolzheniyaEgoistichnye people are always asking for favors, but never in a hurry to help yourself when you need help. For them, this is normal. While you need to be tolerant and give selfish friend or partner a chance to change, it is also important not to encourage his egotism, especially if it causes you pain or discomfort.

Therefore, when a selfish person asking you too much, you need to express yourself and make it clear that your feelings are not valued. If you find yourself in a situation when you have to protect yourself, make it short and to the point, because selfish people are not the best listeners.

8. Reduce the time you spend vmesteKak Once you realize that someone is too selfish towards you, time to make up. Spend time with them as little as possible time. Stop respond to all calls and to answer all messages. Maybe you have had to deal with a lot of the reactions of these people, from lack of interest in you to temper tantrums and anger, but you resisted. His personal best time to spend alone than with people, suppressing their egocentrism.

9. Actively looking druzeyOtkazhites the habit to allow selfish people to become attached to you. Instead, it should look for new friends who will give you as much attention as you give them. You can start dating, often leaving the house and interacting with new people at charity events or volunteer centers.

Once you have made new friends, you will be able to share with them your experiences with the selfish man who robbed your energy and emotions.

10. Stop otnosheniyaEsli after all the effort you have not managed to change the selfish person - perhaps you are dealing with a narcissist. Daffodils are not only selfish and egocentric - they are not able to feel sympathy for others, but you may deliberately use.

With so difficult to handle, than to the average selfish man. In this case, you can invite him to get professional help. But if that does not work, rip him all communications and end the relationship for good. Life is too short to put up with selfish people and burdened with toxic relationships that suck out your energy and happiness.

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