It is a failure!

October 19, 2006 at the mine potash mine №1 JSC "Uralkali" (Berezniki, Perm Territory) after the collapse of the steel has been a sharp increase in water inflow to the face. The influx from the aquifer increased, which was extremely dangerous - if the water saturation of a single block of salt lead to its transformation into a kind of "ryapy", in the presence of large cavities formed in the extraction of salt, water will dissolve rocks with possible consequences on the Earth's surface .
Do in this situation, people have nothing they could, and October 28, 2006 the mine was closed
Processes of dissolution and transport of potassium salt mine in ever-increasing, and 9 months, July 28, 2007, formed a small dip on the factory grounds.

The failure of the growing "Stakhanov" pace, and by the summer of 2008 has reached a diameter of 350 m. And a depth of about 100. Then, the process has slowed down.

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