20 exciting korotkofaktov about everything

There is something to think about and something to surprise friends! < 1. In Japan, every year a memorial ceremony in honor of the old sewing needles.

2. The biggest traffic jam in the history was recorded in China. Its length is about 100 kilometers, and the fact that it is "resolved" it took about 10 days.

3. Franz Kafka burned 90% of his work.

4. hole in the caps of pens began to make to people who accidentally swallow them without choking.

5. In London, there are works from 1918 store sells salt of human tears.

6. In Saudi Arabia, women are forbidden to drive a car, but are allowed to control the aircraft.

7. A strong earthquake can affect the speed of Earth's rotation and change the duration of the day.

8. «gorilla" comes from the Greek word meaning "tribe of hairy women».

9. The car "Mazda" was named after the supreme Zoroastrian god Ahura Mazda.

10. Underground hidden in 10 times more water than all the oceans, lakes, rivers and glaciers on the surface.

11. The average life expectancy of Afghan men is the lowest in the world - 43, 4 years.

12. In Venezuela, beer lovers more than anywhere else in the world: in the year this nation consumes 83 liters per person.

13. In Canada, the largest percentage of owners of personal computers - 94, 3 PCs per 100 people.

14. sign "pause" "on the remote control has been borrowed from the musical writing, which is called a" caesura "and means" the line between individual constructs a musical work ».

15. in tobacco smoke contains radioactive substance - isotope polonium-210.

16. chronophobia - a neurotic fear the passage of time. Most often found in prisoners sentenced to long terms.

17. The youngest mother in the story was only five years old.

18. Insects do not feel pain.

19. 20% of people do not have so-called "pyramid muscles" (begins at the pubic crest, goes up and woven into the white line of the abdomen).

20. Scientists still do not know why warm water freezes faster than cold.

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