Lose 80% of its weight: 7 facts about the miraculous transformation of the 470-pound Myra Rozalis

Myra Rozalis weighed half a ton, and almost could not even move. But one day she decided to change her life ...

1. Mayra Rosales weighed 470 kg. She could walk only with great difficulty could lift the body. Myra could not take a shower, she could not take care of herself - all of these burdens fell on the shoulders of her family, which was forced to do his best to maintain her life.

2. When Myra's nephew went to the hospital with severe head injuries and died soon, Myra told police that it was her fault: she accidentally fell on the baby, and he gasped.

However, the police found that the injury that caused the death, in fact, caused the child his mother, sister, Mayra, who eventually arrested and sent to prison. Being the heaviest woman in the world, Myra knew that now, but her take care of the remaining children, no one sister.

3. When the decision was made, Mayra Rosales was primarily undergo surgery to get rid of a large part of the weight that does not allow women to not like to start losing weight, and even banal move.

4. The woman had terrible swelling and pressure sores, skin and muscle was critical. However, since that time and to this day Myra managed to lose 80% of its transformation is truly amazing.

5. When the diagnosis of "morbid obesity" is not enough to go for the operation. This is definitely a great stress for the whole body, and for the psychological state of the patient. And that is why it is essential not just accept change, but do not deviate from them.

6. Myra did not give up as soon as the doctors allowed her to exercise, she continued on her way to losing weight. She had a powerful incentive - Myra knew that if she did not take himself in hand, simply will not be able to ensure the future of his nephews.

7. Now Myra weighs 91 kg and looks quite attractive at the same time. She had been on several television shows, talking about his experience of losing weight. Amazing woman continues to take care of my nephew and says that is not going to go back to unhealthy lifestyle.

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