Zombie Factory: 10 Fast Facts on how to brainwash anyone

People are brainwashed at all times - as is happening now, so it was a hundred years ago. The site introduces you to the basics of brainwashing so that you do not allow others to manipulate your mind. Booked - means vooruzhёn.

So here's how it works:

1. IzolyatsiyaPromyvanie brain may be effective only against isolated subject that receives little (or not receiving) information from the outside. That's why brainwashing is only possible in a controlled society.

2. SkandirovanieEst reason why leaders used the chant. Get people to repeat a simple slogan over and over again. This muffle their inner thoughts, and your highlight.

3. PodrazhaniePodrazhanie - the most effective form of brainwashing. Repeat the last words uttered by man, and he will be more open to you and your suggestions.

4. We zaodnoNaydite enemy and show that he is "against us." "We" versus "them" - a great circuit, causing strong emotions, such as hatred and devotion.

5. Illusion vyboraPredostavte them a choice, but make sure that in any case the result was the same. The key to success - to make them think that they have a choice, even if it is not. You see, whatever option they choose, they will be more confident in it and more willing to take on his performance.

6. PovtoreniePovtoryayte statement or thought to sound convincing. Repeat the statement or thought to sound convincing.

7. MaksimalizmOpisyvayte all exclusively in black or white. This is good, this is bad. This top is bottom. People do not recognize the halftone easier to convince to execute the order immediately, without thinking.

8. StrahZastavte people to believe that they are at risk, and save them from the danger. Secure and shelter, or offer to destroy the source of danger. Some scammers, for example, will tell their victims that they put a spell, so the luck turned away from them. Then offer to remove damage for a small fee.

9. Engage logikuArgumentiruyte every request. Do not ask to borrow the car. Ask to borrow the car so you can get to a pharmacy. If you have a reason for the request, it sounds logical. Even strange request can be fulfilled, if your words are full of logic.

10. Monitor informatsiyuPredostavlyayte scanty information, quickly and in small portions. After a while, everything you say will sound significantly, desirable as the ultimate truth.

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