20-kinolyapy facts, which you will not notice in Soviet films

A couple of weeks ago Website with their readers heartily laughed at the silly lyapami of Hollywood blockbusters, but today we have reached and the "most sacred": all the favorite hits of the Soviet! No, we love them and each of them have seen a hundred times ... and did not notice these obvious mistakes! Look closely ...

Love and golubiSuhoe tree with artificial flowers behind the characters appear only at the end of their gatherings.

Bob has been in the gym with Raisa Zakharovna. That's just it blue tie that together they will buy on the market only after some time.

Irony of Fate, or Enjoy paromPadaet photo with the actor Yuri Yakovlev and Nadia lifts photo since Oleg Basilashvili (not surprising, because it Basilashvili was approved for the role of Hippolytus, but for family reasons, was forced to withdraw from the film at the last moment) .

Snow-covered car Hippolytus by changing the plan almost instantly cleared of snow.

Note the position of the guitar. 2 frames in a row.

Mimino Mimino one scene from two different helicopters ... not to mention the items in the background.

After a moment, in the hands of the girls except the pitcher still appears red handbag.

Call romanV one scene suddenly disappears nail polish heroine Leah Akhedzhakova.

A common mistake: the multi-day recording one long scene to choose the monochrome tie.

Moscow to tears does not veritPrekrasny film created in the difficult times of deficit - that is the creators and twisted as they could. For example, a carpet on the wall lover Katie "gets" on a picnic blanket.

The heroine Irina Muravyova suited to the building of white shoes, but inside she was black.

In the film between these scenes it took many years, but the bench and vegetation in the park have not changed.

Nicholas (husband of Antonina) old age decides to fill a tattoo.

Ivan Vasilyevich Changes professiyuV adjacent frames of one scene is dramatically changing the color of the liquid in a time machine and the contents of the tank.

When you move into the flat tape Shurika changing the color of the bobbin.

12 stulevInzhener taking a bath, and the apartment flooded with water from the tap in the sink.

Pay attention to the size of the poster in the process and the final result.

Diamond rukaDva popsicle on a stick are transformed into ice cream in a vase and two flowers - a bouquet of three in.

Cut - and surrounded by bandits in the observation pit Gorbunkov appears at a car wash brushes.

Caucasian plennitsaAppetitu prisoner can only envy - so much to eat just a few minutes songs.

Wild bear walking through the mountains in the collar?

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