20 short of facts, tips, how to make a tasty dish anytime

The site will tell some secrets of how to make any dish taste better instantly. Shhh, it's just between us! < 1. To soup was a pleasant sour taste, add to the broth a little fresh beet juice.

2. The meat goes well with prunes: adding it to a dish to extinguish, you can get an exquisite result.

3. replace conventional bow on leeks, you will achieve unprecedented tenderness soup. Leek is better to cook milk and cheese soup.

4. Chicken cutlets will be even tastier if you add in a little minced semolina, is another option - Mashed cooked beans.

5. Always have in the kitchen concealed soy sauce - you can add a few drops in meat and vegetable dishes to enhance the taste.

6. Sugar improves the taste of meat, seafood and vegetables. Add a pinch of sugar and salt together in a dish, and they will be much tastier!

7. To enhance the taste and aroma of dried spices can be, if a little fry them in butter or vegetable oil before adding to the main dish.

8. Omelette will be much more magnificent, if whipping eggs with cold water. On the glass eggs need 2 tbsp. l. water.

9. Pour some sugar the liver before cooking, and she will preserve softness.

10. Sausages - not very useful product. But if there is, with style! Raw sausage obmazh mustard and fry in vegetable oil by medium heat.

11. Carrot salad with walnuts and apples to be very tasty if it season with grated fresh ginger. Useful to the same!

12. Ground peanuts and garlic will provide an excellent dressing for vegetable salad.

13. If ignited buckwheat in a pan for 7 minutes before cooking, porridge is very tasty! And cook faster. During cooking, you can add a little butter for a richer flavor.

14. Marina beer meat - pork and chicken in a light, beef - in the dark. It turns out a delicious dish with bread aroma!

15. Add the tomatoes to the raw potato before he seethe - will be very crispy potatoes.

16. grated cheese can be added to a bowl of soup, this will make it more nutritious. With tasty croutons would be awesome!

17. Always salt the meat at the end of cooking, or - is ready. Spice is added during cooking.

18. to fried donuts or cakes soaked up excess fat, add a warm frying oil 1 tbsp. l. alcohol. Doughnuts are obtained low-fat and tastier!

19. is used instead of sugar powdered sugar and cream or sour cream is excellent.

20. Before you drink coffee, make a few sips of cold water - it will help as much as possible to enjoy the flavor of the drink and feel all the taste notes.

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