What happens to your body after you drank the bank "Cola"

Have you ever thought about what happens inside your body when you drink soda bank? The site says the most important thing. < 1. After the first 10 minutes: Your body has a powerful kick from 10 spoons of sugar (which, among other things, it recommended daily dose). But you do not feel the sweetness of this excessive: phosphoric acid suppresses it. Why then are added in Coke so much sugar? The answer is simple: it causes a surge of dopamine (the hormone of motivation and pleasure), t. E. You basically starts taking a sweet drug.

2. After 20 minutes: blood sugar level drops rapidly. This is due to a sharp release of insulin. Your liver responds to this metamorphosis, and recycles all excess sugar into fat.

3. After 40 minutes: the body begins to consume caffeine in the bank. Your pupils dilate, and blood pressure - rises. The liver begins to throw out the excess sugar in the blood. Adenosine receptors blocks of fatigue in your brain - and that you do not feel sleepy.

4. After 45 minutes: dopamine is released in the result of the use of Coca-Cola, continues to stimulate the pleasure centers of your brain. You're still in high spirits. At the physical level, it works the same way as in the case of heroin, incidentally.

5. After 60 minutes: phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your intestines. This accelerates metabolism, but at the same time destroys your teeth and bones.

6. When held for more than 60 minutes: come into play diuretic properties of caffeine. Do you really want to use the toilet is small.

7. Still later: again you want something sweet. "Cola remains?". If not, you will become lethargic, irritable, and spent the last hour or two of work quite mediocre.

Here's what else tells Nike:

«When I worked as a pharmacist, he saw the long-term effects that has on people soda. Almost all of the clients of our company - people who drink a day one or two cans of cola. Then they start to buy heart medications, medications from pressure and diabetes. And they endlessly treated teeth are more likely to suffer from fractures ».

blockquote> And another thing: every day in the world of selling 1, 6 billion cans and bottles of Coca-Cola! Do you think this is normal?

via lifter.com.ua/CHto-proishodit-s-vashim-telom-cherez-chas-posle-vipitoy-banki-Koli


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