8 smelly facts about how people in the Middle Ages survived without bathing

At the mention of the Middle Ages, the imagination begins to draw ladies in sumptuous attire, their noble cavaliers and exquisite balls in palaces. The site reminds us that behind all this tinsel concealed truly terrible unsanitary! < 1. In the ancient world, self-care was built almost a cult. Get at least a well-known terms, which in Rome was a few hundred. With the advent of Christianity, all the baths were immediately closed "righteous", motivated by the fact that naked for all sin, and the wood at the time were expensive.

2. If the upper class in the 15-16 centuries, to take a bath at least once every few months, to the 18th century are no longer bathe in general.

3. Stories known shocking facts about the famous Louis XIV. Sun King washed a couple of times in my life, and then at the insistence of doctors. The process of cleaning is so not like the monarch that he is sworn never to take any water treatment.

4. Lack of toilets does not bother anyone. Even at Versailles was not provided for a single latrine. Long corridors hang heavy drapes behind which all defecate. Even today, in some parts of the palace, you can feel the stench.

5. It was then purchased most popular spirits. Persistent scents were designed to drown the stench that went from the human body.

6. Another invention of the time, wide-brimmed hats, were not the whim of mods, but a necessity. Due to lack of sewage poured the contents of chamber pots from the windows. And to protect the face from such surprises floors hats made wider and wider.

7. In the book on medicine of that time preserved the description of Dr. FE Bilz, the relation of the common people to bathe, "There are people who, in truth, did not dare to swim in the river or in the bath, for a childhood never went into the water ยป.

8. In the 15th century, people believed that the cause of all mental disorders is allegedly "stone of madness", which is in the head. Therefore, it is "recovered" by craniotomy.

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