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1. "Start small - this is normal»
"The jug is filled gradually, drop by drop».
Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Each artist was once an amateur." We all start out small, do not neglect small. If you are consistent and patient, you will succeed! No one can succeed in one night: Success comes to those who are willing to start small and work hard until it fills the jug.

2. "Thoughts are material»
All what we are - the result of what we think about ourselves. If a man speaks or acts with evil thoughts, it pursues pain. If a man speaks or acts with pure intentions, followed by happiness, like a shadow, will never leave. Buddha said: "Our consciousness - that's all. You become what you think. " Dzheims Allen said: "The man - the brain." To live right, you have to fill your brain "correct" thoughts. Your thinking determines the action; determine the outcome of your actions. Right thinking will give whatever you want; wrong thinking - an evil that eventually destroy you.
3. "Forgive»
Restrain anger in itself, is like to grab a hot coal with the intent to throw it in someone else; it will burn you. When you release those imprisoned by unforgiveness, you are released from the prison itself. You will not be able to suppress anyone without suppressing and myself too. Learn to forgive. Learn to forgive quickly.

4. "Your actions have meaning»
No matter how many commandments you may have read, how much would you not say that they are mean, if you do not follow them?
They say: "The words are worth nothing," and it is. To develop, you have to act; to develop rapidly, we must act every day. Glory will not fall on your head! Glory for everyone, but know it will be only those who are constantly working.

5. "Try to understand»
Arguing with this we feel anger we have ceased to fight for the truth, we began to fight only for myself. Stephen Covey said: "First, try to understand, and only then try to understand you." It is easy to say and hard to do; you should make every effort to understand the point of view of the "other" person. When you feel that you are overwhelmed by anger, destroy it.
Listen to others, understand their point of view and you will have peace of mind. More focus on how to be happy than to be right.

6. "Defeat yourself»
It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. Her you can not take neither angels nor demons, neither paradise nor ad.Tot who wins himself is stronger than any ruler. To win yourself, you need to win your mind. You have to control your thoughts. They should not rage like sea waves. You may think, "I can not control my thoughts. The thought comes when she pleases. " You can not prevent the birds from flying over you, but, of course, you can prevent it to build a nest on your head. Banish the thought that do not meet the principles of life, for which you want to live. Buddha said, "is not an enemy or foe, namely human consciousness luring him to the curve track».

7. "Live in harmony»
Harmony comes from within. Do not seek it without. Do not look outside of what can only be in your heart. Often we can look outside, only to distract themselves from the true reality. The truth is that you can only find harmony within yourself. Harmony is not a new job, not a new car or a new marriage. Harmony - a new opportunity and they start with you.


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