In America, "VKontakte" is considered to be a pirate site

Russian social network "VKontakte┬╗, Rutracker (successor Torrents. Ru) and Savelovsky market in Moscow fell to the black list of the US authorities. Thus, "VKontakte" in America is now officially recognized as a pirate site.

Administration Representative of the United States in the field of foreign trade (USTR) annually in April published a report on the violation of intellectual property rights around the world. Applied thereto a list of "black market" of pirated goods, both physical and virtual. At this time, the agency has decided to depart from its rules and make public a list of separately before the publication of the full report. This is done in order to attract more attention to the problem of piracy, according to the official website of the USTR.

The list of torrent trackers first place, as usual, took ThePirateBay. At the same time, the Russian Rutracker was in first place among the trackers with mandatory registration, overtaking Demonoid (Now he is based in the Ukraine). As noted in the administration, based in the Russian heir Torrents. Ru is one of the 15 most visited sites Runet, as he was in the top 300 most visited Internet sites in general.

Russia in the list of USTR is also a social network "VKontakte". "This is a site that allows users to upload illegal content, was recently voted one of the five most visited in Russia and made the list of 40 most popular sites in the world," - the document says.

In addition, the US administration in its list mentioned Savelovsky market where, according to them, openly selling pirated products. Besides him, one of the largest retail outlets of pirated hit markets in Southeast Asia, China, Latin America, Pakistan, and Kiev Petrovka.




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