15 interesting facts about teeth

1. In Mexico, instead of the tooth fairy (mythical creature, collecting fallen baby teeth) "works" tooth mouse.

2. is the hardest substance in the human body - tooth enamel.

3. Every second American, the most memorable first impression of a person believes a smile.

4. The most expensive tooth was sold for 4650 dollars, then bought him an aristocrat put him in the ring. It happened in 1727, after the death of the famous Isaac Newton, who belonged tooth.

5. In ancient Rome, some citizens were engaged in bleaching teeth with urine. As you can see, Malakhovs enough and while.

6. As the first toothbrushes used sticks with the tips of fluff.

7. The first toothpaste in a tube format - Dr. Shefield's Creme Dentifrice, released in 1892.

8. 60% of people aged over 65 years can boast a full set of natural teeth.

9. Only in America each year bought 53 million liters of toothpaste, which can be filled with up to 30 Olympic swimming pools.

10. By the way, the name "milk teeth" gave Hippocrates, who was convinced that the very first baby teeth are formed from milk.

11. The first electric toothbrush was patented in Switzerland after World War II. She worked from the mains. While many, this idea seemed strange, but an electric toothbrush quickly gained popularity. Now 12% of people around the world use the electric toothbrush.

12. People who brush their teeth three times a day, less likely to suffer from excess weight. This conclusion was made by Japanese scientists. It is reported that they have learned a way of life 14 thousand. Man.

13. 99% of the calcium in the body is in the bones and teeth.

14. Have you ever wondered how many times you can reinvent your toothbrush? Imagine, according to statistics from the 60s of the last century was patented more than 3000 models of toothbrushes!

15. stores in Rhode Island (USA) law prohibits selling toothbrushes on Saturday.

Source: www.1001facts.info and www.vseblogi.com

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