Do men and women have a hidden power - Shakti Energy - the ability to influence their lives ...

Inner strength men accumulates in two cases:

 - Control of the senses.

A man should control your feelings, do not let them affect the mind. Control of the senses - is the ability to make arbitrary decisions, and give up that leads to the side, does not allow to grow, consuming energy. It should clearly see the goal and go for it, to be concentrated, to control the feelings and energy.

 - Responsibility.

Responsibility means protection. If a man lives as he wants, he will lose the inner strength - the ability to influence lives. When he takes responsibility, concern for others, providing protection - this is a direct way to the accumulation of male power. For a man, it is extremely important to have this concept in his character - strive for the protection, to provide protection.

Women's strength is accumulated through one quality:

 - Chastity (fidelity).

Due to the fact that the woman's mind is strongly associated with feelings, she needs to let in this area only one person - her husband. If a woman has in her head multiple objects, its energy is dissipated, it ceases to accumulate it.


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