81-year-old American said that Twitter - a search engine and pushes him Searches

Indianapolis resident named Norman N. fun of her 81-year-old father, telling him that Twitter - is a search engine. The result has become a joke microbloggingoldmansearch, consisting of old searches. "My father is 81 years old, and I teach him to use the Internet. I told him that Twitter is used to find, sort of like Google. These tweets something that he is looking for on the Internet ", - stated in the Disclaimer.

Among the requests occur as standard like "the weather in Indianapolis today," as well as more specific like "cold toes." May 2 Norman's father was looking on the Internet a photo of a dead Osama bin Laden. How (no results) father Norman managed to maintain the belief that it drives their requests to the search engine, is not specified.

Author: Natalia Radulov

Source: radulova.livejournal.com

via factroom.ru


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