Fry sausage electric shock. Dangerous delusions

Nervous, children and idiots repeat is not recommended. Play with high voltage! Danger !!!

Well, as expected, infa provided for reference only, blah, blah, blah, everything you do on your own risk :). I personally did not sleep a little hut.

Basically, what we need for this experience. First Outlet 110-220 volts :). The plug with a wire, cut off from anything, two regular table fork (preferably which is not very sorry, but I cleaned them and then evaporated) can be slightly needles; the main thing that vyderazhli high current; Two krokodilichka and of course hot dogs! .. Optional multimeter with probes on crocodiles, svetodiodiki, ketchup;). We clean the wire, screw or solder them crocodiles. Stick a fork into the ends of sausages, and each fork hang crocodile. Of course everything has to be dry, the dielectric coating. Ideal ordinary kitchen plate, grated towel.


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