"The summer season always makes us happy magnificent diversity of nature's gifts. First and foremost, we are waiting for the appearance of fragrant, incredibly delicious summer berries, a special place among which is raspberry.

From childhood we are aware of the healing properties of raspberries. Its antipyretic effect experienced the almost kazhdyy.No in raspberry many other useful qualities, which we sometimes forget.

Everyone knows that the raspberry berry sweet. And the cause of its sweetness of fructose and glucose, the necessary elements for the power cord and heart. Essential oils of raspberry, which so attracted our appetite, adjust the digestive system, increase the secretion of bile and gastric juice.

In raspberries is a lot of organic acids, which enters the body, detrimental effect on pathogenic microflora in the gut, and soaked in the blood regulate metabolic processes.
In themselves berries and raspberry leaves contain a large amount of salicylic acid. That explains its presence and antipyretic, analgesic and diaphoretic effect raspberries.

Pectin contained in the berries is also very useful substance. Due to its gelling effect, the body are derived from pathogenic organisms, heavy metals, toxins and cholesterol.

Heart health and blood vessels also help strengthen raspberry contained therein due to a sufficiently large amount of potassium salt (about 200 mg / 100g). It potassium and cause a slight diuretic effect, so raspberries can be recommended to regulate blood pressure and treat the condition, accompanied by water retention in the body.

In raspberries rich in iron and copper, which in combination with folic acid can be recommended for food raspberries people prone to blood diseases, as well as pregnant women. "


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