What is 57, 5 billion dollars

For two months (September-October) Central Bank of Russia spent to maintain the ruble 57, $ 5 billion of our total reserves.

This amount is very difficult to imagine "alive." For the average person that billion, ten, a hundred - all "a lot". So let's think about what could be bought with the money to Russia abroad.

Of course, these calculations do not make economic sense. In any market as a huge sum would be a reason for the space of rising prices. Therefore, it is only a theory. But in any theory there is a grain of truth. So in this case you should carefully think about what will happen to the economy, which is run by people with ease senseless burning billions of dollars.

57.5 billion US dollars this:

300 000-500 000 good homes in the US

Thousands of the most expensive paintings of the world (estimated; units "top" paintings are 100-150 million dollars, ten - from 10 to 100 million dollars, and the rest - it is cheaper)

2000 tons of gold

200 most expensive football clubs in the world (estimated, the first 25-ka is "only" $ 14 billion, lower is much cheaper)


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