About the poor and about femininity.

Today replicated image of vamp, femme fatale, which delights the eye, "ohmuryaet." These women look like the sirens of ancient mythology: the sailors, being in a long voyage, heard the mellifluous singing and fall into a hypnotic state of those enchanting voices. Knowing the danger sirens, one of the sailors was always on guard, watched, and helped others to survive. It seems to me, it is now on billboards presented just such a portrayal of women. These women are so cold and inexpressive eyes. Those eyes looks beautiful, underlined makeup and well-processed on the computer, but in fact behind them little worth. Inner peace is not reflected.

Many models in the images look hypertrophied passion. One gets the feeling that photographers in glossy magazines using any technique: may harden and abuse of female models during the shooting, which enables them to achieve a prickly and hard look. Although I suspect that the woman model cultivates in himself some features that are inherent in the now fashionable to misbehave.
Bad behavior - moral turpitude. Promiscuity can be conscious and unconscious. Here, a person consciously cultivate traits of arrogance, rudeness, blatant selfishness ... I guess what is going to be associated with having a place of emancipation, feminism, the desire to be part of the women above men.

Bad behavior - is a denial of the moral norms of behavior, rampant rampant passion for show bravado artificially Accreted force is the reverse side of the complex. A person with spiritual power, there is no need to twist themselves inside out, people to see the virtues. But for poor women is limited to the question of the merits of the external features: the demonstrative style of behavior, brutality and emotional coldness.

The image of the poor woman has now become socially attractive, especially for young girls, that creates an illusory sense of confidence, emancipation, invulnerability. First of all, the lure prey for them is a snap, thanks to which in a relationship dominated by instinctive grasping reflexes. This category of women is different in that its "code of honor" includes the concept of "take everything from life." Take, take, take and give nothing - this method of survival, which is selected some imprudent girl.

Real women emancipated from distinguished above all femininity. That femininity, which is soft, wisdom, kindness, compliant. After all, emancipated woman, striving for an equal relationship, as a result of seeking excellence, it ceases to concede. In the eyes of the emancipated woman, all these features are perceived as weakness.

The man, who is characteristic of masculinity, can help a woman find femininity. Although often say the opposite: that a woman helps a man to be manly. Next to it he becomes a real man.

In fact, an important factor in this matter is a function implementation of these qualities in each other. A woman helps a man to become a strong, stimulating confidence in it, emphasizing the abilities, encouraging him, because praise is the language of communication of men. In turn, the man drew attention to the appearance of a woman, her kindness and beauty of the soul. So they will complement each other.

Of course, much is determined by the process of education, by how consciously the process of education are suitable wife. After all, the parents bring in a man a man and a woman - a woman. But the man himself, realizing how far from ideal, he can fix a lot in their education.


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