In the Netherlands, the two men set up an experiment to understand that women feel when tribal clashes

two men leading Dutch television recently learned, through what are women during childbirth. During the TV show "guinea pigs", they exposed themselves to painful experiments, during which experienced the pain that mimics the sensations during labor.

To understand what is necessary for women during labor, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno electrodes attached to his stomach, sending electrical discharges, feels very similar to the fight. A controlled experiment lasted two hours, and the subjects themselves closer to the end of the already writhing in pain, screaming and moaning.

"Do you think the pain will make us scream?" - Asked one of the leading, before the experiment began.

"Do not even hesitate," - replied the nurse that monitors the progress of the process.

As soon as the power increased shocks, men have increasingly excruciating pain, which they compared with torture.

This lead passed through a relatively short period of delivery that can last and day.



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